Sen Shaheen – Declare War On Russia, Prove We’re Tough To Poland

jeanne shaheen


A deficiency in one’s capacity for critical and logical thinking is a powerful resume enhancer in the Democrat Party. Take New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, for example. On Thursday a statement she made during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing illustrated why she shouldn’t even be allowed unsupervised use of an Easy-Bake oven, let alone be sitting where she is.

In comments that surely must have endeared her to her colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Shaheen suggested that the phony cyber attacks, the complete fake news fabrications which the Democrats are wielding as a tool of political malfeasance, may have constituted an act of war. Without any evidence to support the premise that anything even took place, this deranged woman is questioning if it has brought us to war. The emperor’s new clothes, it now seems, were inadvertently tossed across his laptop.

Shaheen said, “We should think about whether it is an act of war or not,” and then offered the lamest of pretexts upon which to base military action – so that Poland can feel confident that we’d protect them if something really happened. That makes sense, start a war by pretending that something that didn’t happen did, so you’ll be ready if it really does. False flags are rarely conducted with such an admission to their motivations or with an advocate so willing to spill the beans in advance.

The Polish “civic leaders” she met with last week think we haven’t been robust enough in our response to the cyber hack propaganda and that we’d somehow be willing to start a war to prove otherwise. Their opinion of us and of our respect for the sanctity and sovereignty of other nations would not be elevated by us proving them correct. Shaheen quoted them as asking, “If the United States isn’t going to take any action in response to that Russian intrusion against your elections, then how can we think that the United States is going to take any action to protect us against Russia?”

She then posed a very dangerous and foolish question, “What kind of message does it send to Vladimir Putin and to the rest of the world if we don’t take action in response to Russian hacking in our elections?” It proves we’re not buying the politically motivated bull crap the Democrats are shoveling or that we need more than gossip as a foundation for foreign policy decisions, perhaps? It’s a signal that they can count on America to be measured and thoughtful rather than reactionary. Remember when the left was supposedly concerned President Trump would be too quick to pull the trigger?

Retired Gen. Keith Alexander, National Security Agency Director under both George W. Bush and Hussein Obama, recommended in the hearings that America “push back overtly” while improving defenses against cyber attacks.

Summarizing where we are after 8 years of the Obama reckless endangerment, Alexander said, “One, I do think we have to push back overtly, so the rest of the world knows that. But we also need to fix our defense. It’s wide open, and what’s been happening, people can get in and take what they want. And without any defensive architecture or framework, that’s where we are.”

He added, “We ought to push back, but we also ought to fix our defense, come up with a comprehensive strategy. We can defend this country in cyberspace; we’re not doing it, and I think that’s what we need to do.”

We can fix our defenses without being thug lackeys for Poland. The real question seems to be, “What were you folks in New Hampshire thinking?”



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