Sen Rand Paul Gets Specific On GOP Plans To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

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In a discussion of the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, Senator Rand Paul, who is also a doctor, says he believes it is incredibly important that both be done on the same day. He says, “We’ve had six years to complain and we have complained, I’ve been one of those complaining about Obamacare, replacement should be the same day.”

Paul says, “The replacement bill that we’ve put together, our goal, is to insure the most amount of people, give access to the most amount of people at the least amount of cost, and I think this is where Obamacare failed. They wanted to insure people, their motives were good, their heart was in the right place, but they put so many mandates in it that they made it too expensive.”

“So what’s happening in the individual markets,” says Paul, “which is about six or seven percent of the market, you have companies like Blue Cross of North Carolina losing 400 million dollars because young, healthy people don’t want to buy it because they’re told, ‘Hey, you can get it anytime after you get sick.’ And so they’ve broken the insurance model.”

Senator Paul says, “The other problem with Obamacare is they put these mandates and said that every insurance policy has to have ten items, things like pregnancy and dental coverage and all of these things, which are great but they add cost and that forced people out of the market. So one of the key reforms that we’ll do is we’re going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance.”

He says, “That means getting rid of the Obamacare mandates on what you can buy, we’re going to help people save, through health savings accounts as well as a tax credit, and then one of the things that we need to talk more about and this is the third part of the replacement bill, is we’re going to allow individuals to come together in associations to buy insurance.”

Senator Paul explains, “I understand as a small business person, I had a doctor’s office with four employees, if one of my employees got cancer, it was devastating not only to them obviously but to the bottom line of insurance. But there’s no reason why someone with four employees shouldn’t be able to join with hundreds and hundreds of other businesses that are small to become a large entity, to get leverage to bring your prices down, but also to get insurance that can’t cancel you, and guarantees the issue of insurance even if you get sick.”

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7 Comments on Sen Rand Paul Gets Specific On GOP Plans To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

  1. Marlene, YOU are wrong. Many, many of us DO want it replaced with a program that works for more than just part of this society! They will get it done this time!

  2. Why are all of our health care experts talking about cost reduction, but never mentioning tort reform? The cost of medical care cannot be appreciably reduced without reducing the costs of legal liability for our MD’s.

    • that’s a canard. Ins co want tort reform so they don’t have to pay. Bad Dr’s are not put out of business. In states that have tort reform malpractice premiums haven’t gone down, instead they have gone up. Watch the documentary “Hot Coffee”.

      • Anna, I’m sorry, but I must differ with you. I don’t want to use this venue to get into a lengthy discussion off-topic. However, the documentary “Hot Coffee” was very biased in favor of a plaintiff’s attorney perspective. According to a June, 2011 article in Forbes, “The purpose of the movie’s dedicated producer, Susan Saladoff, a Oregon plaintiffs’ lawyer, was to undermine the purpose and credibility of the United States’ civil justice reform movement.” The article goes on to describe how the other side of the story was carefully avoided in the documentary and it gives some pretty good examples of why. I suggest you spend a few minutes reading it:
        “Cup Half Full: ‘Hot Coffee’ Serves Up Slanted View Of Liability System” is linked below:

  3. During this past election, I hated the thought of this STUBBORN, ARROGANT, UNAPOLOGETIC, HOT HEADED, WEALTHY man as the President of my, our USA! Today however – I accept that part of why my country was almost destroyed !ALONG WITH ALL THAT IT WAS INTENDED TO STAND FOR AND PROTECT ME AGAINST! I am to blame for. I am ashamed to say that I have NEVER voted at the age of 46. I had NO DESIRE to get involved with or even understand all things political. I assumed the rest of you citizens would figure it all out and make the right choices. Im sorry America. Too many of us took for granted our freedoms and rights. THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP FOR BEING ALL OF THESE THINGS YOU ARE for we need some one to do what JFK never got the opportunity to do. I pray, for all of us, that you are able to keep yourself safe long enough to MAKE the USA great again.

  4. Rand Paul is WRONG, again. We do NOT want it replaced – period!

    • I respect that you have your right to that opinion. And Im even grateful that you were able to find a healthcare plan to suite your needs that you were able to afford. I however have not been so lucky. It was supposed to be health care for all and Im telling you that there are A LOT of citizens that HAVE NOTHING but sliding scale clinics and the ER. Those clinics are very limited in kinds of services as well as numbers they can serve daily. I dont qualify for employer insurance or state assistance. What would you suggest the massive amount of people such as myself do? Obamacare DOES NOT address this problem with any real solution. Wasnt this one of the major issues that that crap was supposed to fix?

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