Sen Rand Paul – Firing Of FBI Director Comey Couldn’t Have Come Soon Enough

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Senator Rand Paul is not shedding any of the fake, “Chuckodile” tears that Senator Schumer is notorious for following the firing of FBI Director Comey.  Paul told Charles Payne, “Well, you know, I think the firing of Comey couldn’t have come soon enough. I think all Americans thought he botched the Clinton email investigation.”

Paul explains, “If you’re a Democrat you thought he did too much to insinuate that she was guilty and then if you’re a Republican you thought, ‘If he insinuated she was guilty why didn’t they prosecute her?’ So I think both sides were unhappy and if virtually every American thinks you botched an investigation, maybe we need somebody else that can bring more confidence to the FBI.”

Charles Payne notes some Senate “Republican colleagues” who are questioning the timing of the firing, to which Senator Paul replies, “Well, there’s a lot of hypocrisy going around. Chuck Schumer, in November, said he lost confidence. Hillary Clinton saying that he completely destroyed the whole election” and references a statement by Eric Holder that Comey “violated longstanding Department of Justice procedures.”

Paul says, “So I think you have a lot of people, looking at it from the Democrat side, who have said they have lost confidence in him, I think you have Republicans saying he should have prosecuted Clinton, nobody’s happy with his tenure at the FBI. So I think it was long past time for him to go.”

Senator Paul remarks that one of his problems with Comey is that he was always on the Hill asking for more power for the FBI. He wants to see a replacement that places a high value on civil liberties. On another issue, Payne asks Senator Paul what makes him think he was a target of spying by the intelligence agencies.

Paul reveals that two reporters have told him, based upon revelations from their sources that could not be named that he has been the target of that type of surveillance, and that the protection device of a Gates Notification that is supposed to be triggered has not, to his knowledge.

Senator Paul notes that General Michael Flynn “was destroyed by an illegal listening, illegal surveillance of his phone conversations. If that’s going to go on, can you imagine what would happen to an ordinary citizen if the government’s ever to listen in on them?”

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