Sen Paul – Subpoena Susan Rice – Ask Obama Involvement, Who Gave Her Instructions

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In an appearance on the leftist MSBNC Morning Joe program, Senator Rand Paul addressed two important topics, the Susan Rice espionage scandal and a likely second attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Paul reminds the audience and Comrade Mika that he’s been warning about these back door searches for years and that they could be politicized.” He says, “The facts will come out with Susan Rice, but I think she ought to be under subpoena, she should be asked, ‘did you talk to the ‘president’ about it? Did ‘president’ Obama know about this?’ So this is actually eerily similar to what Trump accused them of, which is eavesdropping on conversations for political reasons.

Predictably, the leftists scramble to find a basis to disagree but do so without locating one, simply asserting that it’s a ridiculous wild notion and “very different,” with libtard Bill Press declaring that Susan Rice is not a political operative and they weren’t spying. The reasonable comments by the Washington Examiner editor to the contrary  are summarily dismissed.

Paul notes that “By rebound we are collecting millions of conversations of Americans. Those should be protected by the Fourth Amendment, telling the apologist for the Democrats, Bill Press, that he sounds like an apologist for the Democrats.

The thick-headed leftist, Willie boy Geist, brings up the “smoking gun” characterization by Senator Paul asking if it is a link validating the pretend issue of the Russia hoax.  Paul puts it into simple terms for the liberal, saying, “The smoking gun is that President Trump said that he was wiretapped. We don’t have wires in our phones anymore, nobody actually literally taps a wire. They might, on occasion, but for the most part we use the term wiretapping to mean eavesdropping. So now we know that someone in the Obama administration was eavesdropping and specifically searching a databank, looking for the Trump people. That’s a big deal.”

The commies go nuts trying to drown him out, with Brzezinski asking, “Do we know that?” Those of us who aren’t in denial know it, commie girl, though that likely leaves you out. As lefty Press uses the word incidental to imply insignificance, Paul replied, “I think it’s a mistake to downgrade this and say, ‘Oh it was just incidental, it’s no big deal.’ It is a huge deal that we are collecting millions of Americans’ phone calls and that someone can go to a keyboard and put your name in and search  it without a warrant. This is an illegal warrantless search. This is the kind of stuff that is rife for abuse from either party and Joe had it exactly right when he said, ‘If Dick Cheney did this to the Obama, Bill and every other leftist in the country would have been on the other side of this issue. It’s not a partisan issue.”

Brzezinski defends comrade Rice, saying, “It’s very, very different thing to say someone in the Obama administration was surveilling, was listening to specific conversations. We just simply don’t know that.” Actually the evidence is quite strong indicating that is exactly what happened and Senator explains how it happened. He also wants to go beyond speculation and the lies of Rice by putting her under oath.

Paul says, “Bring her in and ask her under oath,” noting that the evidence already includes the modification of EO 13222 to allow for greater access to surveillance data and the confessions of an Obama operative, in addition to the continuing revelations about Rice. He also talks about the possibilities of an Obamacare replacement being negotiated.

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