Sen Paul – Ryan Plan A Gift To Insurance Cos, Maybe Obama Did Spy On Trump

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Senator Rand Paul doesn’t share the optimistic opinion of the Paul Ryan healthcare plan that Ryan has of his bill and he also doesn’t think it’s going to pass the House. He says “I think there’s enough conservatives who don’t want Obamacare lite and I think that they do not fix the problem. And here’s the thing, and this is the biggest political mistake of Republicans who are not even thinking at all about how this is going to look.”

Paul says, “They call it repeal and replace, but when it doesn’t fix the problems and you say you’ve fixed the problems, they’re going to own it. And I promise you, in a year, the insurance markets will still be unraveling, the insurance companies will still be begging for more handouts. They have in the House plan bailouts for insurance companies. Conservatives are not for bailing out the insurance companies. We’re for empowering the consumer to drive prices down so you can get better cost insurance, but we’re certainly not for when you get sick the taxpayer takes over the tab for the insurance company.”

“It’s a terrible situation,” says Dr. Paul, “what you do is you socialize the insurance company losses but you privatize the billions of dollars that they make. I’m not for giving a gift to the insurance companies and that’s what this House plan does.”

Stephanopoulos moves on to his more important role as left-wing activist and propagandist and engages in the customary attack on President Trump. He says, “We see the President now standing by that claim about ‘president’ Obama, it’s caused a riff now with British intelligence, over the weekend.” Taking the position that President Trump is talking out of “ignorance and his wild, uncontrolled impulsiveness,” the propagandists asks, “How big of  a problem is this for the President’s credibility, how does he fix it?”

If it’s true then it’s not a problem at all, Clinton boy and the President has stated that revelations will be forthcoming within the next couple of weeks. It’s at a minimum every bit as true as the claims by Stephanopoulos’ masters that the Russians interfered and helped get Trump elected. He doesn’t ask any questions about how those false claims have hurt Pelosi or Schumer’s credibility, if they ever had any to begin with.

Everybody knows, even though the propagandists like Stephanopoulos choose to deny the truth, that Obama is a pathological liar and an anti-American who was raised as a communist. Why is it so hard for them to recognize that it’s much more likely than not that he used the tools at his disposal to spy on his adversary. He’s an Alinsky Marxist who believes that the end justifies the means. Obama just never expected Trump to win and attain the resources by which to expose him as the criminal that he is.

Senator Paul answered, “I think we know one thing for sure, that the Obama administration did spy on Flynn. Now whether it was direct or indirect, somebody was reading and taking a transcript of his phone calls and then they released it.” Paul then moves to the topic of the serious leaks that are taking place and demands that who is responsible be imprisoned. He’s clearly leaving the door open to the possibility that something nefarious was taking place.

Stephanopoulos interrupts Senator Paul to defend his Master Obama on national television, saying, “You don’t believe ‘president’ Obama ordered an illegal wiretap of President Trump,” with Paul offering an explanation of how things happen and not offering the immunity that the desperate Boy George was fishing for.

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  1. Stephanopoulos and a bag of crap, one and the same.

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