Sen Mike Lee Guarantees Nominee For Supreme Court Will Be Confirmed

hannity lee supreme court


Senator Mike Lee responds to a question by Sean Hannity regarding the appointment of a replacement for Judge Scalia on the Supreme Court. He’s asked, “If he appoints an originalist in a week and a half to the US Supreme Court and the Democrats filibuster, do you think the nuclear option precedent, set by Harry Reid, should be used to advance the nominee and have a straight up or down vote, in other words, the nuclear option?”

Senator Lee replies, “I’ll give you the same answer that our Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, gave yesterday when asked this question. We’re going to make sure that whoever is nominated for this position is confirmed. Without the need to get into the details of how that’s going to happen, that’s our goal and we’re going to achieve it.”

Hannity tries again, asking, “Did Harry Reid set a precedent you think you should follow as a party?” Lee acknowledges, “Harry Reid did set a precedent. Now he purported to hold back part of that precedent when it comes to Supreme court nominees and so that creates an arguable difference here. But regardless, we’ve got tools at our disposal to get whoever is nominated to fill Justice Scalia’s place confirmed.”

Enough of the one-sided Mr. Nice Guy routine in dealing with the Democrat snakes, Senators. Just get the job done. You won’t receive similar considerations when and if they should get back into power. The key is to make the most of what you have now while you can. In the matter of Supreme Court picks and everything else.

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