Sen Lee Wonders Why America Is Funding George Soros’ Leftist Subversion Of Europe

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It’s almost as if Senator Mike Lee hit himself in the side of the head after realizing he could have had a V8. Suddenly he’s concerned about American “aid” money going to line the pockets of George Soros and his anti-American causes across the globe. If he’s really worried now, just wait until the UN climate reparations money tap gets turned on, a real possibility now that the neocons have taken root in the White House. That infamous sucking sound will once again return in a deafening manner to the DC swamp, but it won’t be the swamp that’s being drained, just our treasury, the Soros slush fund.

The information was readily available and known to everyday Americans, but Congress is apparently  only now catching on, and asking questions, about the siphoning of our money into the coffers of the number one enemy of our Republic. Based upon this “new” information, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) wrote a letter to the State Department.

Lee tells Fox host Shannon Bream, “We’ve got George Soros – supported organizations like the Open Society Foundation’s network receiving money from the US Agency for International Development. And when we see that these networks are involved in funding a far-left, socialist agenda in Europe, including within some of our ally countries, we have grave concerns, we want those questions answered.”

Do you not have those “grave concerns” when that same Soros network of groups is targeting your own fellow Republicans in town halls, inciting leftist and minority riots as they have done across America and continue to do, and physically assault people, interfering with their free speech and right to assembly here in the United States, Senator? It’s bad overseas, but you people on Capitol Hill are allowing the same cancer to spread in America and doing nothing to stop it.

He continued, “We want to know why it is that US taxpayer dollars are being hijacked and shipped overseas to fund causes that are antithetical to what so many Americans hold dear.”

She points out the questions, probably by political leaders in Macedonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and elsewhere, asking why US money is being used to destabilize their nations from within and advance an agenda counter to America’s interests. She asks, “What kind of complaints did you get?”

Lee described the complaints as being similar to what she “just articulated very well” that “people are understandably concerned when we’ve got a lot of problems in the world. We’ve got parts of the world where we have allies. And when we have organizations that are being funded, in part, with US taxpayer dollars, that are going out there sowing discord, sowing suspicion, within some of our ally countries, this makes us very nervous and this understandably causes us to want to get answers about why this is happening, how long it’s been occurring, how much money is involved and how we can get out of that.”

Those are decent starter questions, Senator, but we’ve got another one for you and your Congressional Colleagues – how could you possibly not be aware of this, if you’re doing your jobs? It’s been going on for eight years and accelerated with the globalist orchestrated invasion of Europe. John Kerry and Hussein Obama gave their puppeteer Soros money he used in those attacks, how was justified in your oversight?

If you’re serious about correcting the problem, or at least about looking like you’re serious, start by getting rid of James Comey. Get a real FBI Director to investigate and criminally charge George Soros – your letter is a stupid parlor trick. We know your sensitivity to strong language, Senator, but it’s appropriate at times like this. Put the bastard in prison and seize all of his assets. Pretend it was your money he was stealing instead of just that of the lowly American taxpayers.

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4 Comments on Sen Lee Wonders Why America Is Funding George Soros’ Leftist Subversion Of Europe

  1. Deplorable Doctor // April 23, 2017 at 9:39 pm // Reply

    Soros owns FBI’s Comey! So what else is news?

  2. Lee and many of his cohorts deserve to be brought up on charges of malfeasance and willful disregard for their oath of office. Lock them up along with Soros. Sorry b’tards.

  3. Edie Faylor // April 21, 2017 at 8:47 am // Reply

    As usual Congress turns a blind eye to the rape of the American tax payers. After all, it isn’t their money! Time to strip Soros of his American citizenship and kick him out of the country. Preferable take all his money and build the wall with it.

  4. Senator Lee is a wee bit too late or is there a reelection that he is concerned about like his own.

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