Sen Hatch Blasts Petty Democrats For Pointless Sabotage, Boycott Of Vote

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Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) had a rare moment of unguarded candor as he spoke to a largely empty hearing room as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In a deliberate act of sabotage to the confirmation process of President Trump’s picks for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin and HHS, Rep Tom Price (R-GA), Democrat Senators had boycotted the meeting.

It forced the postponement of the vote as a minimum of one Democrat must be present, according to the rules. Hatch didn’t approve of the way Democrats are handling themselves and the increasingly belligerent obstructionist attitudes and actions that they are employing.

Hatch said, “You know it’s a sad time when this bi-partisan committee has become a prop in a partisan sideshow. And that’s what they’ve done here this morning.  We already know how the Democrats are going to vote, they’re going to vote against both of these candidates. We know that, which I think in and of itself is reprehensible.”

He voiced his disappointment, saying, “A fellow member of Congress and they’re going to vote him down? Now they have the right to do it, I’d be the first to uphold that right, but it’s unbelievable. They’re going to vote no. They have made that very clear in their multiple press releases and press conferences. So I think they ought to stop posturing and acting like idiots.”

Hatch had more views to express regarding the despicable Democrats, saying, “They ought to be embarrassed. It’s the most pathetic treatment I’ve seen in my forty years in the United States Senate. We can have our disagreements. We can really dislike some of the appointments by Democrat presidents and Republican presidents. But the presidents ought to have their choice of cabinet officials to work with. And even if we disagree with that,” says Hatch, “vote no.”

He continued, “I’m really disappointed that my friends on the other side, our Democrats on the other side are deliberately boycotting this markup. Why that’s an important thing for them, I’ll never understand because these two nominees are going to go through, regardless. And they didn’t lay a glove on them, as far as I was concerned, during the hearings. They had a chance to ask every question that they wanted to ask. They were treated fairly, which I always intend to do.”

He says, “I can’t understand why Senators, who know that we’re going to have these two people go through, can’t support the committee in a markup of these two people. I don’t remember us treating their nominees this way, at least I can’t remember ever doing that.”

Hatch makes an effort to encourage those participating in this stupid Democrat stunt to show up as the markup is rescheduled throughout the day. Showing his frustration and using the most appropriate terminology available to him to describe the Democrat behavior, Senator Hatch says, “I’m very disappointed in this type of crap, I mean, my gosh, there’s no excuse for it.”

More frustration exhibited at the obstructionist Dems and “this type of crap”

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3 Comments on Sen Hatch Blasts Petty Democrats For Pointless Sabotage, Boycott Of Vote

  1. Rev. Nancy Korb // February 2, 2017 at 10:53 am // Reply

    Hello, Mr. Hatch. It’s not a surprise to most of that the dem/lib/communist-socialists are simply not showing up for the treasure confirmation. I’m fairly sure that most of them owe the Federal government and the taxpayers a whole bunch of money, filched from the Treasury. They know we are waiting patiently to seek audits, from every single department, beginning with the treasury. We are furious, and they know that too. They might not have resisted quite that much, but it’s been their private little piggy bank, and they didn’t expect it to end. That’s part of why they are all in denial and all running scared. They’re thieves.

  2. Not pointless to the barbaric democraps they eat their own ! mafia play board is and has always been their game Eliminate ! all or any that get in their path has nothing to do with for we the people , they thread the Constitution and break our laws WHY do they do as they please ?? BECAUSE THEIR NEVER HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR INJUSTICE and when the X Muslim in chief, Killary Law breaking Gov’s as brown nose Brown and an entire line of these career thugs in seats are actually brought to justice That is when America will be in the starting line of being great again !!! CONTINUE THE EXPOSURE OF THEIR DIRTY DEEDS and tantrums ! SWAMP SWAMP SWAMP ????????????????????????????????

  3. “Crap” is a very polite way of describing the behavior of the dems in virtually everything they do.

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