Sen Grassley Warns Orchestrated Deep State Leaks Will Continue Despite Special Prosecutor

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Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is not naive and he’s certainly familiar enough with his Democrat counterparts and the establishment RINOs they’re teaming up with to be able to predict their next move. The leaks and other attacks on Mr. Trump are not going to stop simply because a Special Prosecutor has been named. If anything they are likely to attempt to build upon the momentum and destructive successes they’ve already achieved in order to cripple and then eliminate their adversary completely.

Senator Grassley stated by way of tweet on Friday and Saturday:

Grassley, in his position as Judiciary Committee Chairman, knows quite a bit that he can’t say, and some of what he has said isn’t getting any traction because it doesn’t further the establishment agenda. They want President Trump out, so his joint revelation with Democrat Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee Senator Dianne Feinstein, acknowledging that they were both told by then-FBI Director Comey that President Trump was not under investigation, has been completely ignored by the media and other Democrat politicians.

Grassley understands that the deep state is at war with the Trump White House and that includes many members of his staff, some of whom are members of his inner circle. The public attacks will continue, illegally, with releases of sensitive information from the corrupt members of the CIA, FBI and White House, who place their own agenda above their duty to the nation and their oaths to the Constitution. They are traitors whose objective to inflict damage on the President. The damage is greatest when their acts are carried out in a public forum. Therefore the leaks will continue. They will attempt to keep the President on defense to so that he is not successful in making America great again.

Senator Grassley recognizes the most malicious of the publishers of sensitive information and fake news to be the New York Times and Washington Post as well. Why not call their editors in for hearings, Senator? President Trump surely understands the problem as well and may have fresh eyes and perspective following his foreign trip.

Get mean, Mr. President. Wholesale firings at those agencies that are leaking will stop the problem. As Lt Col Tony Shaffer suggested, go two levels of employment down from the top, fire everybody. The leaks will stop. Just invalidate their ID badges overnight and escort them in and out to pick up their personal belongings. Then announce a possibility of negotiation with the proper information for retaining ones position, if there was no direct involvement for the “innocents” whose only crime was failing to report their colleagues. See where that leads. See how other departments respond.


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4 Comments on Sen Grassley Warns Orchestrated Deep State Leaks Will Continue Despite Special Prosecutor

  1. American politics at its finest, huh? Find the ones leaking the information and end their career(s). Give them another career and guarantee them it will be a 10 year gig minimum! Offer amnesty to those who have proof of another person’s involvement in these illegal acts. Make sure your nose is clean first!! Why were Comey and so many other Hussein followers left in sensitive offices anyhow?

    • CARLOS DESOUZA // June 2, 2017 at 9:48 am // Reply

      Rick : Your last line in which you asked why Comey and several other Hussein followers were not sacked is a very important question that needs to be answered. Did Trump think that they would come over to his side ? Was Trump not aware of their leanings ? Or does Trump have some other plan in mind which we cannot fathom ??

  2. Tony is correct. Clean out the entire organization. But, I wouldn’t stop at two levels down. An empty office would be better than one that is infiltrated with traitors.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // May 21, 2017 at 3:32 pm // Reply

    They need to start those lie detectors

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