Sen Grassley Urged Comey To Be Transparent, Tell America Same Thing He Told Him

grassley comey


Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa seems to have been urging FBI Director Comey to tell the whole story about the investigation, if calling it an investigation is the correct terminology to be used, into the Democrat-claimed collusion with Russia that never took place. Director Comey, the guy with the least amount of credibility and assumption of objectivity this side of Chuck Schumer, apparently didn’t listen.

While Rep Trey Gowdy made the point that the leaks that led to the resignation of Lt. General Flynn and the many others that are plaguing the Trump administration need to be treated in a serious manner and those guilty need to be sent to prison. It was like pulling teeth for him to get a pledge out of Comey to do just that. For the tweet on the leaks, it seems that he was unmoved and non-committal.

In the next tweet, Senator Grassley implores Director Comey to be more transparent and to tell the public what he told him personally as to whether or not he is investigating the President. Indications are that the investigation, if there is one, is not being conducted into supposed wrongdoing by President Trump. Since the Director stated that there is an investigation and told Grassley there is not one into Trump, that must mean it’s someone else. Comey didn’t say that, though, and Grassley was again denied.

The third tweet asks for Comey to again share with the American people the information that he conveyed to him, that after being briefed, the claims by both President Trump and former DNI James Clapper that there is no evidence of collusion with Russia are correct. That would have lifted the cloud of suspicion that he left hanging around President Trump, but once again the FBI Director didn’t get the message, or he got it and chose to ignore it.

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