Sen Grassley Tweets Trump To Join Him In Stopping H-1B Visa Abuse Of US Workers

charles grassley


Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is reaching out to President Trump in a very public way, over one of the President’s favorite means of communication, Twitter. At least he can be fairly certain that his message will be passed on in some form rather than buried in the pile of emails and other documents that land on the President’s desk every day.

Grassley had just finished watching a segment on “60 Minutes” about the injustices that American workers face in being forced to compete with low wage indentured servants categorized as foreign workers, who are brought into the United States for the express purpose of stealing jobs from American workers.

Following the “60 Minutes” report highlighting situations of H-1B visa abuse and displaced Americans being forced to train their replacements, Grassley attempted to engage the President. He tweeted to the effect, in character saving abbreviated form, “If you just saw the CBS “60 minutes” report about the rip off H-1B visa program replacing American workers with cheap foreign imports. You should know that the bill I am co-sponsoring with Senator Durbin (D-IL) will correct this injustice. Grassley is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Durbin the ranking member.

He wrote, also expanded beyond the character restrictions of Twitter, Mr. President, please read my previous tweet and thanks to President Trump for getting on board. REMEMBER, we can do some things bipartisan and H-1B is good example.

Grassley added an endorsement for one of the Homeland Security staffers who used to work for him, someone he says is a real expert who is already in place and able to tackle the problem immediately. He invited the President to call him or if he’s too busy, to ask Secretary Kelly to do so.

He gave a nod of recognition for the President’s agenda and dedication to cleaning up government in DC, saying, “In other words, I’ve been waiting for six years for a president interested in fixing H-1B and that person has finally arrived. Drain the swamp.”

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