Sen Grassley Already Targeting Fusion GPS Before Latest “Sting” On Trump Jr.

sen grassley

Senator Charles Grassley, Judiciary Committee Chairman, raised some interesting points on the circumstances surrounding the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. particularly as it relates to a possible setup.

Grassley says, “I think that the lady Russian lawyer that was there at that meeting, I’ve written to Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Kelly…to find out what she was doing in the country, when presumably either a visa or a parole expired. She shouldn’t have been in the country at that particular time.”

He continued, “We’re trying to get information on that and we’re trying to get to the bottom of this Goldstone person in London to see what he knew. And I think it’s very important if we can get some information from him as well.” Doocy notes she was denied a visa and then “magically” got permission to come into the US “to have that meeting.”

“What are you suggesting, what do you think might have happened, keep in mind, at that time, Barack Obama was still ‘president’ of the United States and he had his people at the Department of Homeland Security.” Grassley replies, “Well, that’s what I hope to find out because it was in the previous administration. If there’d been enforcement of the immigration laws she wouldn’t have been in the country.

He notes she never registered as a representative of a foreign government. Asked if he thinks it was a setup, Grassley replies there’s no way he could know that and “you shouldn’t comment on things you don’t know.”

Kilmeade raises her connection to Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that provided the fraudulent Moscow dossier on President Trump that also centered around the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. He explains that the Obama Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, is on video testifying in Congressional hearings the following day, with the mystery Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, seated in the front row behind him.

Kilmeade also talks about her attending a museum documentary unveiling which focused on the Magnitsky Act and how undeserving they were to have had sanctions imposed posthumously on their behalf. He observes, “There’s a lot going on here besides an arbitrary meeting at Trump Tower.

Grassley agrees, saying, “There’s a lot of what you just discussed that we were investigating in regard to Fusion GPS, how they were involved in the Steele report and how that’s been involved in a lot of this Russian investigation and Russian influence and whether or not they were involved in [opposition research].”

He also indicates that Fusion GPS was digging up dirt on Trump for other Republicans. Kilmeade removes the mystery by acknowledging it was Jeb Bush Grassley was alluding to. It seems that Fusion GPS is more than willing to create their own dirt when none can be found, which was the case in the Steele dossier, which FBI Director Comey offered to and likely did pay money for.

Now this same operative is involved in what looks like an attempted sting operation that didn’t pan out for them as they’d hoped but which the Democrat and deep state opposition is now attempting to make the most of.  More and more this is being exposed as a setup, the pieces will eventually be extracted and put into their proper place.

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