Sen Commie-la Harris Calls For “Clean” DACA Bill Founding Fathers Demand

kamala harris daca

The prospective Democrat candidate for president in 2020, who will, if elected, wreak the kind of devastation upon this nation that is the equivalent of ten Hussein Obamas, Kamala Harris, weighed in on the issue of DACA on  Thursday, calling for Congress to pass a clean DACA amnesty bill.

Speaking at the University of California-Irvine, the anti-white, anti-American communist agitator and Senator said, “This is about a fight for the future of this country, believing in the values upon which this country was founded.”

Harris is a former Attorney General for the State of California so she must understand that this country was founded upon a respect for the rule of law, a contradiction to her lying drivel. Mimicking the inane, flowery nonsense of Obama, she said, “The path right now is rocky. It is difficult. It is hard.” That’s because it is also wrong and against the Constitution.

Harris attacked President Trump for defending our nation from invading foreign parasites and worse, saying, “We are witnessing things that we can only describe as awful and wrong, and mean-spirited. But that’s OK … Because we know this is about doing the right thing. We know this is about all the young people, who were brought here, some before they could walk or talk.”

They were mostly also brought here before they could steal, murder, deal drugs, become gang members, drive drunk and kill Americans or engage in international trafficking. To that point, two of the Democrats’ human wedges designed to get the amnesty ball rolling, the DACA illegals that the sappy and savvy Democrats refer to as Dreamers were caught smuggling.

Surely the Democrats will have an excuse for them smuggling more of their illegal squatters across our southern border, defying our laws and inevitably soon demanding citizenship as well. The arrests came in two separate instances in Texas but it can’t be their fault. Their parents probably made them do it, and they were simply smuggling people “through no fault of their own.”

On October 4th Customs and Border Protection agents stopped a car at a checkpoint on Interstate 35, discovering two illegals from Brazil hiding in the truck. The Guatemalan driver was a juvenile that another illegal, Hussein Obama, had given a DACA permit to in 2016.

Three days later, at the same checkpoint, another DACA illegal was caught smuggling in a Mexican in his trunk.

That is the reality that Kamala Harris and the Democrats will ignore as they keep spreading the lies that it’s about race and hatred for brown people, rather than national sovereignty. They will continue to openly show their disdain for the Americans whose nation they are destroying by opening up its borders to the third world scum of the earth, and their Democrat votes.


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4 Comments on Sen Commie-la Harris Calls For “Clean” DACA Bill Founding Fathers Demand

  1. What should I ask those that support the amnesty of an Illegal Alien child (DACA)?
    The true begging questions are: Would they be here at all if it were not in the commission of a crime against the United States? Would they be here at all if it were not for their parents being invaders of the United States? Would they be here at all if the borders were secure? Would they be here at all if their criminal parents were honorable people wishing to become upstanding citizens of the United States through proper and legal immigration procedures?
    The answers to all of these questions is obvious. The people that came to our country illegally did so with the intent of circumventing our laws and blackmailing the citizens of the United States into providing for the welfare of their illegal children.
    NONE of these people are or were slave children/ slaves themselves or political refugees that applied for amnesty from persecution.
    They came as thieves in the night to steal jobs, social program benefits and defraud the American Tax system. They came to send America dollars back to the country they came from not to spend their illegally gained paycheck in the American economy.
    The best thing we as Americans can do is to end the ILLEGAL Obama Dream act and return those jobs, benefits and billions of tax dollars back to the American people. Let these “Dream” children be adopted by legal citizens of the United States that will contractually except the full financial responsibilities of that child or, return them home with their illegal parents.
    Perhaps Mexico will give them a Spanish as a second language class for free.
    Whatever the case, the ILLEGAL parents must go! It is time to put America and Americans first and Make America Great Again!

  2. So where is the American sniper? I heard this ignoramus during the Sessions interrogation earlier this year, she interrupted him several times. He couldn’t even answer any questions. Sessions finally told her he couldn’t answer the questions since she was blabbing so much. When hearing her talk, you feel that pure evil is talking. The whole Democratic party has gone crazy with stupid remarks (Pelosi and Schumer), Sander’s preaching everybody on Medicare, and this broad coming up with new communist BS every time she gets a chance.

  3. This racist, anti-American, hack is being groomed for the next 0bama. We populists have a lot of work to do or she will be elected, mostly by legalized illegals.

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 13, 2017 at 12:50 pm // Reply

    Isn’t harryless the one who thinks she can confiscate firearms at will, because she said so!

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