Sen Blumenthal Threatens Trump With Firestorm Uprising If Mueller Fired

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Anti-Trump CNN propagandist Jake Tapper has one of the partisan hacks taking a leadership role in the Trump attempted coup, Richard Blumenthal of New York on his program for a little more bloodletting. Tapper beings by asking “about the messages” President Trump is sending about Head Witch Hunter, Robert Mueller.

Tapper’s running a Democrat – establishment effort with the interview to send a message to the Trump administration not to fire Mueller by raising the topic and stating that the recent messages “could be seen as setting the stage for possibly firing him, which is within the purview of his executive office.”

He asks if there would be enough RINOs and establishment types in the Senate to join with Democrats in attempting to overthrow the President if he fired Mueller. He says, “Would the Senate, the majority in the Senate actually have any sort of effective response if the President were to fire Bob Mueller?”

The partisan piece of trash from Connecticut replies that there would be a firestorm similar to the outrage over Nixon’s ousting of special prosecutor Archibald Cox.  Stolen Valor Blumenthal says, “I would certainly lead and others, I am sure would join in leading an effort to establish a special prosecutor, by legislation, probably appointed by a panel of the District Court, so that the choice of that special prosecutor would be completely non-political and I think there’d be strong support for a special prosecutor, probably Bob Mueller himself, to continue this investigation.

Of course it’s unlikely there would be enough Republicans to make this happen in both the Senate and the House and that such legislation would be able to survive a certain veto, so this ghastly-faced hack is just blowing smoke.

It’s almost humorous that he has the gall to depict a US District Court as unbiased and apolitical after the antics of so-called Judge Derrick Watson and others after he legislated national security and immigration law from his Hawaii courtroom. 

Blumenthal dares Trump to fire Mueller – threatening “extraordinary consequences”

Blumenthal says President Trump “cannot fire the special prosecutor without extraordinary consequences on both sides of the aisle. I’ve talked to a number of my Republican colleagues who’ve already indicated that they would be prepared to act.” Well, with Republican leadership, weak as it is, in both the House and Senate, what kind of veto-proof action does this anti-American communist expect to be able to force upon us? How anxious are his Senate colleagues who are up for re-election in states Trump carried to challenge the will of the voters ahead of an election year?

Asked whether the ever-veering and deviating witch hunt has legitimacy, given the original charge of investigating Russia – Trump collusion, dishonest Blumenthal himself shifts into irrelevant side issues that have nothing to do with the question or the original direction of the Mueller investigation.

He gets into the realm of “if” because there were Russians who visited Don Jr. and promised dirt on Clinton. That’s not the Russian government, and he’s reinforcing the position that there is no evidence, that it’s all a witch hunt by citing a search for bank records. It’s the epitome of a fishing expedition, for what he called records that “could be very relevant to collusion.” They will in all likelihood not be relevant whatsoever. There’s no indication any money changed hands and if it did, opposition research is not illegal. They were private Russian citizens.

He says, “Plus, money laundering is a possibility,” raising issues with Paul Manafort and Ukraine. That was before the campaign, as Blumenthal well knows and it isn’t Russia anymore than the US is Mexico. He claims that because President Trump’s bank has “encountered investigation and potential prosecution for money laundering” – again, it’s merely an investigation and he’s not an officer of the bank, he’s a customer along with a lot of other people. And it’s not Russian collusion.

it’s called a setup, subversion, an attempted coup, our President being framed.

Desperate and flailing, Blumenthal the buffoon adds, “There are these allegations that are swirling around the collusion or conspiracy to join with the Russians.” It’s the ones he, the Clinton campaign and Democrats are perpetrating, political accusations, that they used to get Mueller in the first place. What a dishonest piece of corrupt liberal garbage this guy is. He knows exactly what he’s doing, it’s called a setup, subversion, an attempted coup, our President being framed.

Your threats, just like your claims of wrongdoing are empty, Blumenthal. Bring it on, you hideous freak. We’ve had enough of the Democrats and establishment crooks countermanding our voting decision. We’re ready, we’re aching for a fight.  You’re not going to like how this one turns out any more than you did the election.


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9 Comments on Sen Blumenthal Threatens Trump With Firestorm Uprising If Mueller Fired

  1. David Butler // August 1, 2017 at 9:33 pm // Reply

    Mueller should resign, cause of his relationship with Comey.He should never excepted it in first place for that reason,and another thing the President can’t fire Mr.Mueller,it has to be done by someone else.

  2. Mueller wants to be fired. That has been his goal all along since Trump has violated no laws. Even if Russia did give Trump information on Clinton as long as it was obtained legally it is not a violation of the law. Not illegal for foreign nationals to take part in US elections. They just cannot donate money to US campaigns.

    Mueller has gone out of his way to load up his staff with DNC operatives and go beyond the authorization of his position. He wants to be fired so they can paint it as Nixon/Cox 2.0. Then use it in 2018 campaign.

  3. Fire his ass! Mueller was a set up by Comey. He admitted it. There are your grounds!

    Mueller should not be allowed to stay one more day period.  We aren’t paying for this witch hunt.  And we want Comey to reimburse our treasury for every dime spent on this phony investigation he started.  

    This was a set up by Comey who should be in custody along with several others now.  We cannot move forward until these career criminals including Obama and Hillary and their minions are dealt with.   The American people have had enough.  Millions are out of work and congress is collecting a huge salary for not producing anything for years.  

    Donald Trump is president.  Who are you to threaten anybody!      Trump can fire anyone he wants.  Trump needs to take control of his office.   Blumenthal you aren’t president.   You have no say.  I’m so sick of these unproductive lying congressional members.  It is time to abolish congress.  Lock them out.  No pensions. Nothing.  We are sick of all of you. We elected Trump.  

  4. Hell is going to rain down on these fools for trying to remove our legally elected president. Time to turn the heat on these fools making threats against our president. They should be removed from office just for making these kinds of threats against our President. They must pay a price for their treasonous actions.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // July 22, 2017 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    You know, bottom line is that Sessions, even with the Dept. of Justice Regulations that he followed, he did not have to recuse himself. And he shouldn’t have. If he hadn’t, Rosenstein who is a good friend of Comey and Mueller would not have hired this jerk Mueller, and Sessions could have and should have fired both Rosenstein and Andy McCabe who is under investigation himself. It’s so damned ugly.
    Look at Blumenthal, he looks like a ugly skeleton…Lordy, but their evil shows on their faces.

  6. TONYA PARNELL // July 22, 2017 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    Fire all their asses, give the main stream media heart attacks and let them do whatever they think they are bug enough to do. TRUMP 2020

  7. oh what stories. washington post ranks high on the rung with CNN.

  8. shirley roberts // July 22, 2017 at 7:33 pm // Reply

    Blumenthal needs to be investigated and so does Mueller.


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