Sekulow – Whiny Clapper Perverting Constitution – Corrupt Comey Deserved Firing

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Jay Sekulow clears up the fog that former DNI James Clapper tried to create as part of the Sunday shows coordinated attack on President Trump, citing the same talking points in the same manner as Rep Adam Schiff did later in the day.  Sekulow described the Clapper spew as including a statement that “President Trump is interfering with institutions inside the United States because he fired the then-FBI Director James Comey.

Sekulow says, “James Clapper, with respect to the office, I think he is way off base here. The idea that the executive, the President can fire an executive member, staff member, the FBI Director, isn’t some constitutional mischief. That’s exactly what the Constitution allows. So I think the left and the media is getting into this entire Trump attacking the institutions of government.”

He reminds the audience, “It is the left that’s saying ‘we will not put in place an FBI director, no matter who it is, until a special prosecutor, independent prosecutor is put in place. That is the violation of the institutions. It is the FBI, after all, that reports and responds to the Department of Justice. So Sean, unfortunately for Jim Comey, he brought this upon himself. He’s confirmed it and made it worse and then him not testifying before the Senate.”

Sekulow points out, “He would only do it, he said, in an open hearing, he wouldn’t do it in a private hearing, I’ll tell you why. In a private hearing he would actually have to answer the question. He couldn’t just say it’s classified, I can’t discuss it, because in a private, closed hearing, he can discuss it. He didn’t want to give the answers.”

Hannity asks if Sekulow agrees that Comey created a two-tier justice system. He says there’s no way Comey would have had that press conference if she was going to be charged, that this was “cooked up from the beginning. So in a sense the entire investigation was a fake, a faux investigation into the whole Clinton matter.” He also points out that each of the felony statutes she violated has a conspiracy component to it, which would possibly apply to former Director Comey.

He raises the fact that not  only was Clinton not prosecuted, but Huma Abedin has skated to this point as has Cheryl Mills, in addition to being allowed to act as “Clinton’s lawyer in all of this, which is beyond bizarre.”

He adds, “I think the reality was from the outset that this was never going to happen, that’s why James Comey put himself in this situation, and that’s why the President of the United States exercised, not an institutional attack, but a constitutional right as President to terminate his employment.”

It could have gone further than what Sekulow put forth as well, with the money laundering HSBC executive Comey likely being hired at the FBI because he was known to be dirty and was the kind of individual needed to protect Clinton, given her exposure from Benghazi and elsewhere after she left the State Department, during her presidential campaign and after. He did what he was hired to do.

As for Clapper, he’s obviously working for the establishment and has been all along, including the initial stages of the Russia hoax when he and John Brennan provided Obama with their “assessment” cover up for his illegal spying on the Trump team. His antics of Sunday included a contorted attempt to change his story on whether or not he saw evidence of collusion that failed. Just like his lying to the Senate, he’ll clearly say anything that serves his needs or the establishment elites he reports to at the time.

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // May 16, 2017 at 8:44 pm // Reply

    Bring Comey & HildaBeast & Clapper before a Grand Jury!

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