Sekulow – President Trump Has Probably Already Seen The FISA Warrant, Requests

jay sekulow


It is likely that President Trump has already seen the FISA requests and subsequent warrants and that was what set him off on Saturday morning. The liberal talking heads would have us believe that it was the unhinged and unfounded over-reactions of an increasingly mentally compromised madman that they will eventually need to save us from. Baloney; the most likely scenario is that there are hideous abuses of power taking place and President Trump discovered just how pervasive and offensive of an assault they are on our free, self-governing principles.

Trump had suspicions, based upon whatever reasons he may have been able to glean and when they were confirmed by the supporting documents, he became outraged at the duplicity and level of anti-American subversion not only at the Obama White House, but the Justice Department, probably the Intelligence agencies and perhaps the FBI as well.

Jay Sekulow says, “The President would have knowledge of a FISA warrant, who it was issued to and against, and what information was received. Now we know from media reports that there were multiple attempts at a FISA. The first time was deemed to broad, the second time maybe not so broad, the third time they finally got it.”

“We don’t know the scope of that warrant,” he says, “but here’s what we do know, Steve. We do know that information is being leaked by those shadow operatives inside the government, which violates the espionage act, specifically 18 U.S. Code § 793. There is disclosures going on. Now, the President, if he were to disclose this information is not bound by that. So the executive has the authority to make that disclosure.

He notes that President Trump could issue a declassification order and release any information or he could decide not to despite having the information at hand. There are security considerations and Sekulow says he also might not want to embarrass and agency that has been acting inappropriately.

He says there are a lot of moving parts, “But I think what has become clear is that something has happened and we know that Senator Coons, who made an accusation on Friday that in fact the Trump team, the campaign was ‘in collusion with the Russians,’ he then walks that back yesterday” when pressed by Chris Wallace. Coons then changed his story to “No, I don’t have evidence of, any testimony or evidence of between the Trump campaign and the Russians. No evidence of collusion.

Sekulow summarizes saying, “This tells you something is, you know, rotten in Denmark, so to speak.”

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