Sekulow and Jarrett – DOJ Noose Starts Tightening Around James Comey

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Hannity starts off the discussion of the dimming future of James Comey with a quote from another Democrat criminal waiting for her investigation to begin in earnest, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton describes herself as having “been shived by then-FBI Director Comey three times over the final five months of the campaign.” Picking up on the Comey theme, Jay Sekulow points out that the Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel is investigating the former FBI Director. That is a different entity from the Mueller special counsel.

At issue are potential Hatch Act violations through Comey’s efforts on Hillary Clinton’s behalf to prevent her from being indicted and prosecuted, and interference in an election by a public official. He reminds the audience that there is a DOJ Inspector General’s investigation of Comey presently underway.

Combine those factors with the prejudging of the case by drafting the exoneration letter two months before 16 witness and Clinton had been interviewed and Sekulow sees plenty of basis for an investigation of James Comey believes it should be conducted at multiple levels.

Gregg Jarrett points out some apparent false testimony under oath by Comey in which he said before the House Judiciary Committee that he had made the determination to not prosecute Hillary Clinton after he interviewed her. He never interviewed Clinton but there were agents of the FBI who put on a charade of an interview over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Since Comey had begun writing his exoneration letter two months prior to the interview that would clearly be a false statement. Jarrett adds that it also appears that the entire investigation of Clinton was then nothing more than a charade, a deliberate and elaborate obstruction of justice.

Sekulow points to the problems of one of Comey’s other decisions, his taking it upon himself to bypass the entire DOJ internal operating procedures. Comey said he did it to protect the integrity of the investigation but since there was obviously no integrity to it to begin with we must assume he did it to control its scope and outcome.

Jarrett still wants an answer to the question about the destroyed evidence, the 33,000 emails and makes a compelling case for the prosecution for that criminal offense has never been pursued.

Hannity noted that Comey had manipulated the events to provide the impetus for Mueller to be appointed special counsel. Something that is never addressed by anyone is how he was so certain that his actions would have the desired results, that a special counsel would be appointed and that it would be his friend, Robert Mueller? There are lots of attorneys in DC, why Mueller?

It seems there clearly was some conspiring going on between Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein, the Deputy AG. Where is that investigation?


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