Sekulow, Fitton – Obama Operative Admits To Anti-Trump Deep State Spying

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Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton and Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice join Sean Hannity for a discussion of the bizarre revelations made by Evelyn Farkas on the MSNBC Morning Joe program. She was or is an Obama deep state operative and political appointee who confirmed that an operation against President Trump existed and admitted to numerous related felonies in the process.

Hannity asks Sekulow to “break this down legally for us, from the issue of surveillance, unmasking, leaking intelligence.” Hannity points out, “She’s not even in the administration anymore.” Sekulow agrees, noting that “At the time she said that she was aware of the information, the intelligence, she was no longer an employee of the State [Defense] Department. So the first question you have to ask, ‘How did a former defense secretary find out about this information when she was gone?’ So that brings up felony number one, who leaked her that information.”

Number two, ‘We were concerned that the Obama officials involved in this would be known by the Trump administration.’ Well guess what? The President of the United States is Donald Trump so of course he would know that. So then it brings up the third issue and the third issue is what in the world did they think that they had that they could justify doing this?”

Sekulow reminded his host, “And Sean, I said on your program weeks ago,  Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, these were the ones to be looking at. Look at who signed off on these orders, look at who wanted this unmasking. So you’ve got the whole issue of unlawful unmaskings, leaked information, leaked information, by the way to a third party who is no longer a government official.” Hannity brings up information contained in one report that she was an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the time, which Sekulow says, “would even make it worse, but at that point you’re pouring felony on top of felony.”

“The FBI or the Dept of Justice should impanel this grand jury tonight,” says Sekulow.  Hannity raises her comments of getting this information to her “colleagues on the hill,” Sekulow asks, “Well, what colleagues on the hill? She’s now in private life, what does a colleague on the hill mean? Friends of hers that are in the other party?” Hannity asks how she could not know what she was saying, a point that Sekulow says is what makes this all so bizarre.

He says, “You know that Loretta Lynch, they knew better than all of this but they did it anyway. They thought they’d get away with it with impunity. They also thought the other nominee was going to be president.” Tom Fitton puts this in the perspective of twenty years of dealing with scandals, saying he knows the hallmarks and this has them. He says, “You’ve got administration officials working improperly with outside former officials, to launder information that they’re not allowed to send out and around. He says the intelligence committees need to be looking at who the Obama administration was working with on the outside and on the inside to improperly disseminate this classified material.”

Analyzing the statement, Hannity and Sekulow agree that the staff identities had to be unmasked at the time that Farkas had the information. Sekulow asks the question, “How did this level of person, outside of government, end up with unmasked intelligence on the President of the United States or his team? How did Loretta Lynch, who, by the way, doesn’t mind meeting on an airplane with President Clinton, how does she justify having this out there. How did she justify the sign off and then how did this individual, this Ms Farkas, get this information?”

This is so bizarre and nonsensical that it immediately invites suspicion as to whether there is some grander scheme or motive behind it, a distraction from something that is even worse. Is this somehow connected to Hussein Obama being out of the country for an extended period of time, supposedly in Tahiti? Wherever he is hiding out, a location the Secret Service should be aware of, is it a nation with whom we do not have an extradition agreement? Something isn’t right, there has to be more to the motives behind this woman making these statements. Are North Korea, Iran or Obama’s allies in ISIS engaged in something we should be paying attention to? Is Farkas just plain nuts?

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2 Comments on Sekulow, Fitton – Obama Operative Admits To Anti-Trump Deep State Spying

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 30, 2017 at 10:19 pm // Reply

    Yes..this loyal liberal Obama operative is just plain Nuts along with being a Kook.

  2. Barry Marshall Jones Sr. // March 30, 2017 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    This story needs to be blasted all over the web !

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