Sekulow – Comey Memo Leaks Are Felonies, Undermine Special Witch Hunter

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Arrogant former FBI Director James Comey may have really sealed his fate with the admissions he made on June 8th that, among other things, he leaked classified government documents to Daniel Richman, his friend at the time, to be leaked by him to the media.

It’s likely Richman is a former friend at this point having placed himself in legal jeopardy by conspiring with James Comey to leak classified US Government documents.

Comey’s act of childish vengeance is coming back to haunt him. It turns out that, according to the computations of Elizabeth MacDonald’s guest, Jordan Sekulow, at least one of those documents was marked classified and regardless, all of them contained secret government information of conversations with the President.

Sekulow says it’s absolutely illegal for Comey to share those documents. “If this reporting is correct and Daniel Richman’s pushing back, whether or not the markings were on there or not, as Jim Comey explained during the Hillary Clinton investigation, that doesn’t matter to the officials.”

He says, “He’s worried now, Daniel Richman, the law professor, because there’s a conspiracy statute to sharing classified information and leaking that kind of information, so it’s not just Comey leaking it and him being in trouble, but the professor himself.”

Sekulow’s total is different from that of the host who indicated there were nine in her lead in. There were actually seven memos, according to the report in The Hill, which detailed the contents of nine different conversations. He points out that if four of seven have classified information and the Professor has admitted now to having four memos, he at least has one memo that was deemed to have been marked as classified.”

Sekulow continues, “So he had that in his possession, he was [an] unauthorized person to have that, that is a criminal statute punishable by up to ten years in prison.” MacDonald asks how Comey could ignore the same security protocols that he publicly criticized Hillary Clinton for?  The answer’s simple for Sekulow, because Comey is “a hypocrite.”

Sekulow adds up a few of the crimes he sees Comey as having already committed, the taking of the government records, a second crime of an espionage act if they are classified was committed, then if you have a conspiracy to share with your friend, third crime. He says the question is “How many felonies could you add up at this point?”

Asked if this is a statement as to the level of disregard officials like Comey have for our nation’s secrets, Sekulow agrees that it is, saying, “These are individuals at the highest levels of law enforcement who are disregarding basic training that they receive for all law enforcement officials, and government officials for that matter.”

He says, “Now the question is not why was Jim Comey fired, I think there’s two additional questions. What criminal charges will Jim Comey face and is a grand jury being impaneled? I hope that at least the investigation has begun, and number two, how much does this undermine the special counsel?” The special counsel appointment was based upon criminally leaked classified memos, leaked by the BFF of the special counsel.


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