Mandalay Security Guard Campos Goes Missing – Strange Things At His House

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Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who allegedly stumbled upon Stephen Paddock, was shot as a result and called in the active shooter as well as warning a hotel maintenance worker is acting in a most peculiar, unheroic manner.

Just as he was about to do a series of five interviews on national television, including the Sean Hannity program, Campos disappearedStephanie Wash of ABC News reported, “We were in a room and we came out and he was gone.” That forced the cancellation of all interviews and now nobody is saying where Campos is.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer, who used to work for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, went to the Campos home for some answers. The video of that interview adds even more questions to the bizarre situation. One thing that is particularly odd is his ownership of a Corvette.    [VIDEO BELOW]

Hotel Security officers don’t usually make enough money to own a Corvette but friends or accomplices of Stephen Paddock might have access to that kind of cash. It makes one wonder if he might have been duped or even been in on the plot. Was he working with the government in some covert capacity? Certainly Campos is not helping his case any with his odd behavior.

Folks inside the house actually answered the door, but they refused to speak or provide any information other than they aren’t allowed to talk. That’s not the kind of behavior one would expect from a civilian hero who was trying to prevent mass murder. Add to that the fact that he isn’t registered with the State of Nevada to be a security officer and more holes are added to this narrative every day.

What’s he trying to hide and equally as important, why is he trying to hide it? There are other questions that Loomer raises in the interview, such as the firm guarding the Campos home having an expired business license, that add to the mystery. Something is not right with the story that the FBI, DHS and the Las Vegas Metro Police are putting out there for America’s consumption.

Loomer will be attending the next briefing by the “investigators” crafting the narrative. Now that she’s been to the Campos home and uncovered these oddities, she’ll have lots of questions, surely more than they’ll be willing to answer.

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15 Comments on Mandalay Security Guard Campos Goes Missing – Strange Things At His House

  1. Day 2 I stated this was an FBI weapons sting gone wrong. Now Julian Assange Wikileaks is saying the same thing. Imagine that.
    Now realize SO FAR Wikileaks has never been proven wrong. For you idiots that means they have been 100% right. Do the math . . .

  2. I read today there is a young woman who stated she saw multiple shooters and she is now mysteriously dead. Additionally there is a man who has stated consistently he saw shooters down on the ground and he is now missing. Weird stuff. Real weird stuff indeed.

    I wish Mr. Rick Wells could follow up on all this. THANKS !!!

  3. Every day there are questions asked but none are getting answered. Point in fact- I was watching video form a cop’s body camera that has been released to the public. There were several cops behind a brick wall on their right side that gave them cover from the shooter. On the left was a fence covered by a tarp about 15-20yds away. When the cop turned slightly it put the fence in view and all at once the tarp puffed inward toward the cops. When they advanced forward the cop turned to his left which put the tarp in view from a different angle there appeared to be bullets holes in the tarp which were clearly visible due to lights in the back ground shining thru. I have done a lot of shooting in my time and I can tell with 100% certainty that when you shoot at any kind of fabric the bullet will make it puff out momentarily when the bullet passes thru. If there was only one shooter involved then how did it appear that bullets coming from the opposite direction went thru this tarp hanging on a fence? SEE! there is another answered question that we will never hear answered because of the rate at which evidence is being gathered from this display of pure evil.

  4. Deep state, HiLIARy, Obama, Democrats are in on this, no doubt in my military mind! They are desperate and filled with Hate and Scorn, and have proven many times over, as in Benghazi, when Obama and HiLIARy were willing to let 35 State Department Employees be slaughtered and refused to send help, we were lucky we only lost the four. American lives mean nothing to these Globalist Power Hungry Tyrants and they need to be brought to justice ASAP! I bet Campos turns up dead, probably suicide, with two small caliber shots to the back of the head. That is usually what happens to those who work for Clinton, Obama, or the Democrats.

  5. I cannot help but wonder this Campos is possibly an illegal alien or maybe a DACA benefactor?

    The house being burglarized along with Campos skipping out on an interview is just too damn weird. If you skip out of an interview with Sean Hannity then you got something heavy as a reason for doing so.

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // October 14, 2017 at 11:21 am // Reply

    We all suspected this in the beginning, and here we go.

  7. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 14, 2017 at 10:21 am // Reply

    FBI set up equipment that so-called shooter’s room before the shooting as seen on in-room video! The first man to recognize the FBI charger in the room is now dead along with his daughter. John Podesta’s daughter was there just before all of the rapid fire! John Podesta is believed to have arranged the murder of Judge Scalia and Seth Rich in addition to all who were on to the Slick Willy & HildaBeast MURDERS

  8. Okay, so the FBI has probably picked him up for further brain-washing or stronger threats, or maybe buried in the desert somewhere, or he’s being carted across the border and dropped there, either dead or alive. The FBI doesn’t fool around, so odds are he won’t be around for any news interviews.

  9. This whole case gets crazier by the day. Many developments; some true, some false, some changes, but no resolutions at all. I doubt if we’ll ever truly get to the bottom of all this. It’s obvious there’s more than one person involved and/or has some sort of knowledge but until they talk this case will get nowhere unless LEO(s) get lucky.

    All I know is I don’t want to have to suffer a loss of my constitutional rights at all whatsoever because of this. I’m tired of that. The Hughes Act of 1986 was far too damn much.


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