Seattle Mayor Accused Of Molesting Boys Attempts Diversionary White Privilege Soda Tax

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Seattle and much of Washington, at least the western part of the state, in many ways more closely resembles the mentality of the former Soviet Union than that of a free America with citizens able to make their own decisions. They’ve got little respect or time for those archaic notions of equal opportunity or equality under the law. Instead they subscribe to a new, improved way of looking at it, described most accurately as being equally preferred over white people.

Soviet Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray, is doing his best impersonation of soda storm trooper Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City Mayor and micro-manager  of other people’s lives, in imposing a soda tax with the criteria deliberately slanted so that a greater burden is put upon white people. In fact, impacting whites first and foremost was a determining factor in a recent decision to restructure the policy.

It’s government racism and discrimination, abominations that would never be considered and would be roundly criticized if the intended targets were any group other than white people.  Whites and Christians can be attacked in America today, especially in liberal nut job sanctuary of Washington State, with impunity.

Originally Murray, who is white,  proposed a soda tax on sugar sweetened drinks of 2 cents per ounce, “justified” as part of an effort to fight child obesity. That facade slipping a bit, as now he’s added diet soda and other drinks after “civic leaders” determined that white folks wouldn’t be sufficiently impacted in the sugar tax, as they were determined to be more likely to consume diet drinks. It’s not easy applying the right amount of thumb pressure to the scales of social and racial preference.

Under Murray’s revised plan, not only are sodas going to be targeted, but energy and sports drinks, fruit drinks, sweetened teas and bottled coffees as well. The tax on distributors of the drinks goes to $1.75 instead of the 2 cents per ounce, a cost which will naturally be added to the price the consumer pays. Mayor Numbskull plans to send the proposal to the City Council on Thursday.

Murray, who is in his first term with an election upcoming,  may be looking for cover and a way to enhance his image after four men have come forward accusing him of having sex with them while they were minors. It could be that he believes he needs a PR boost, at least from the wealth redistribution elite commies of Seattle. No word has been issued on whether or not any of the men accusing Murray prefer sugar-sweetened or diet soft drinks.

KING5 News reports that the alleged incidents occurred in the 1980s, that “four men claim Murray sexually abused them, paying for sex that the then-minor-age men used to pay for drugs. Only one man, Delvonn Heckard, has filed a lawsuit.”

Murray claims the tax would raise $23 million per year, which he plans to spend on programs for baby-sitting the children of people that acted irresponsibly and had kids they couldn’t afford. Naturally, in a Soviet style city like theirs, the responsibility falls to strangers who exercise responsibility in their own lives, to provide support for the irresponsible with typical nanny state leftist wealth redistribution. The money would theoretically fund before and after-school programs, summer learning programs, Seattle Colleges scholarships and early learning programs that the “mean old Donald Trump” is cancelling.

We wish he were, but that isn’t true, Murray. Your fellow Soviet Paul Ryan took care of all that in the budget bill. But then you lefties can’t be bothered with facts, can you?

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