Schumer Vows Senate Democrats Will Obstruct Select Trump Cabinet Picks

trump democrats schumer obstructionist

trump cabinet schumer obstructionist

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer says, “There’s a difference between opposing people on policy and allowing the President to have the constitutional right to choose his cabinet as long as their qualified. The second coming of Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has stated there are eight of the President-elect’s cabinet picks that they will oppose and attempt to obstruct. Equally disgusting is the offer made by DNC interim chairperson Donna Brazile to negotiate, for Republicans to “put something on the table” to offer them a bribe of sorts in order to make it worthwhile for Democrats to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the constitutional requirements.


Bret Baier notes that Democrats don’t have the votes to stop the Trump picks from moving forward, but they can slow things down. Mollie Hemingway of “the Federalist” describes the list of eight as “almost comical,” suggesting that one or two would look less like obvious political gamesmanship and obstructionism on the part of Democrats. She called it “completely ridiculous.”

She adds that it is worth a comparison to the high levels of cooperation Obama received from Senate Republicans, noting that seven of his picks were approved by inauguration day and five more later that same week. She also believes it could backfire on Democrats, providing Mr. Trump with more evidence that he’s being opposed every step of the way by the crooked Democrat and perhaps GOP establishment.

Charles Krauthammer thinks the obstructionism “is a bad strategy on the part of Democrats,” saying, “Look, they’ve spent eight years accusing the Republicans of being obstructionists, of caring about nothing but stopping the Obama agenda. That stuck, to some extent, it hurt the Republicans and they are now going to start, the Democrats are going to start their tenure in opposition by throwing sand in the gears of nominees who haven’t even started. This administration hasn’t even begun. What’s the basis for saying you want to stop them when you don’t even know what they’re going to do?”


He says, “You question the nominees on their plans, you can have a good debate on climate change or the Russians or whatever, but to announce in advance you’re going to do everything you can to slow them down so that he can’t get started until March, that’s not good for the Democrats. They got shellacked, they have to come up with an agenda and they can’t say ‘we’re just here to stop.'”

Baier asks Hemingway if she believes it’s possible Obama could follow through on the rumored dirty trick that he would make a recess appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court during the five minutes between sessions. We’ve all witnessed the levels to which the Obama regime will stoop to advance their global fascism agenda. She’s not touching that question.


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6 Comments on Schumer Vows Senate Democrats Will Obstruct Select Trump Cabinet Picks

  1. Clinton Hall // January 4, 2017 at 7:36 pm // Reply

    The Socialist Democrats are disgusting, they put the party ahead of the people and country. It is obvious they want a one party government better known as dictatorship. Our so called representatives forgot they were sent to Washington to represent the people. We are engaged in WW3 with Isis and Schumer complained that Trumps cabinet is all people with money. I wonder, where is his head? We need term limits. Two terms and out.

  2. The good news is as they tried to obstruct Trump thus far, they have been exposed, crushed and lost all credibility. Honestly when you are doing what is right and just for the people how are they going to look opposing it. They will all fall quicker than the panties of a minor at a John Podesta party.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Schumer is unaware of the crushing defeat his party earned last Nov. He will have more success if he pulls his head into the daylight.

  4. Why are the Jews still supporting Obama?

  5. Don’t lets the Dems sabotage President elect Trump via drawn out hearings, procedural maneuvers and delayed votes. Make the whiny, sour grapes Dems reap exactly what Harry Reid sowed…use tne “nuclear option” — confirm all of Trump’s nominees with a simple majority of Senate votes — and then get on with the conservative campaign agenda for the first 100 days.

  6. Patricia Anno // January 3, 2017 at 8:01 pm // Reply

    The Schumers , Pelosi and the McCains need to go as well as the old timers in the Democrat Black Caucus. How dare they block progress when we have had two Muslims running our country, Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett. The real Democrat Party weaklings who will say nothing even if the country is bleeding all our resources.

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