Schumer Uses Obscure Rule To Block Unmasking Testimony Of Susan Rice

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We’re being presented with more evidence of a Democrat cover up and that they know there’s criminality at the base of the snooping and spying of Obama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Her unmasking program targeting the Trump campaign and other Americans was set for testimony by the crooked, habitual liar, something that the Democrats wanted to avoid.

They’ve successfully postponed it on a procedural move by the sleazy Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer. The meeting was to take place behind closed doors, in an environment in which Rice would not be able to claim an inability to respond due to the sensitive nature of the information and the public venue. Now, with the Senate heading out of town on Friday, she’s gotten a few days reprieve on her questioning.

It’s going to be after the Senate returns on July 10th before she’s able to be called in for questioning. That’s provided she doesn’t suffer a mysterious boating accident or her car suddenly accelerate and veer off the road or commit suicide while enjoying the July 4th holiday. She’s not that good of a liar and the stakes are high for those she could implicate, including Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama.

Minority Leader Schumer invoked the obscure and rarely used “two-hour rule” against holding committee meetings beyond the first two hours of the Senate’s day. If they had known what the swamp rat Schumer had planned, if he would have expressed his objections sooner, Senator Grassley would have surely scheduled it earlier. It’s not a matter of Schumer having a problem with the timing, it’s a matter of the timing providing him with a means of obstructing her testimony.

Senator Grassley didn’t approve of “the head clown’s” tactics, saying, “The Judiciary Committee was set to hear from senior intelligence officials about highly sensitive intelligence gathering authorities that will soon require action from Congress. It’s disturbing and reckless for the Minority Leader to block the briefing. We’ve seen too many recent reminders of how unsafe the world is today. This is no time to play politics with our national security.”

Grassley should know that any time is a good time for the Democrats to play politics with anything. And threats to national security have no impact as to whether or not they will attempt to obstruct. The only considerations are what is best for their party, their communist/fascist agenda and who in their criminal organization needs to be protected. On this day it was Susan Rice and those she has information on.


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14 Comments on Schumer Uses Obscure Rule To Block Unmasking Testimony Of Susan Rice

  1. eramthgin // July 2, 2017 at 7:16 am // Reply

    Now why would he not want her to testify? Only to hide the truth that this was the most corrupt whitehouse in history. Maybe it might be keep from exposing himself.

  2. This action proves the guilt is seething from the DemoRats. Schumer is just another corrupt Marxist Pig.

  3. when she lies, and it will be UNDER OATH, then they can push for an INDICTMENT of her then maybe she will RAT OUT to keep out of prison?
    there is more than one way to skin a cat.

  4. Chuck Schumer is obscure

  5. Even under oath…., Rice will lie her way through the eventual hearing. At all costs, she will cover up for Obama, the congenital liar, who is the one behind it all…..!!! – Trade Martin, 7/1/17

  6. wayasti adovdo // June 30, 2017 at 5:39 am // Reply

    Schumer is one of the chief obstructionists , and on the top 10 list of anuses in congress. How do these reprobates stay in office ??

  7. Debra Prisk // June 30, 2017 at 3:07 am // Reply

    Boating accident….you crack me up rick

  8. I wouldn’t play cards with this snake – he cheats!

    • I’d like to read this “obscure” rule to see why Grassley couldn’t challenge Schumer’s use of it.

      • They don’t want to publicize their “rules”. The “rules” provide convenient excuses for them not doing what they should. Why does the AHCA not include tort reform? Why not ala carte coverage selection? Their secret frigging “rules” won’t allow. Yeah, right….

  9. “Schmucky” Schumer is “lower than worm dirt,” “crooked as a dog’s hind leg” and slimy as an eel. Collusion is endemic within the “Party of Lies and Corruption.” Sooner, rather than later, all of this needs to come crashing down in an avalanche of subpoenas and indictments.

  10. susan fuchs // June 29, 2017 at 11:09 am // Reply

    why the hell did you allow any of this, republicans???? nail this down and let’s see some justice!!!

  11. Ole chuckie Boy NEEDS LOCKED UP HIMSELF.

  12. Deplorable Doctor // June 29, 2017 at 9:32 am // Reply

    Surprises me NONE!

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