Schumer Will Talk To Lynch After Story Dies Down – August Recess Is Coming

chuck schumer

Everyone, including Senator Chuck Schumer’s allies, know he’s a politically driven opportunist and hack who will say and do anything if the price is right or the reward substantial enough. The potential reward as they see it for their relentless attacks on the President is the overthrow of the US government and its replacement with a globalist regional government under the UN. Under that system they would exert control and realize financial benefits not possible in an open society, through wealth redistribution. Climate atonement would be chief among them the cash pilfering mechanisms, a system that is already in place now, and awaiting their “acceptable replacement” the globalists insert when President Trump is eliminated.

Of course it could all come crashing down if the corruption of the Democrats and their media allies is somehow made public. One way that could happen would be with public hearings into the collusion and political protection provided by Loretta Lynch and others in the FBI and DOJ to the criminal Hillary Clinton and her cohorts for their treason. That’s something that was made more likely by the surprising and unexplained testimony of James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey revealed that Lynch had told him to refer to the investigation as a matter and otherwise obstructed justice. The media is trying to bury the story for the most part and the Dems are doing everything they can.

Schumer’s first attempt at deflection of that issue and minimizing the impact came this week when he was asked  by a reporter, “Senator Feinstein said that the Senate Judiciary Committee should investigate Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s directive to Comey to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a matter. Do you agree with Feinstein that there should be an investigation?”

Schumer kicks that can down the road, saying, “Before I say anything further on this I’m going to try, I want to hear what Loretta Lynch’s side of the story is, I haven’t heard that yet.”

Of course he hasn’t heard it, nobody has. She hasn’t made a peep since Comey sucker-punched her with his revelation. She’s been completely invisible, not even issuing a denial. Clearly she’s laying low, hoping it will all just blow over and that the cowardly Republicans won’t defend themselves.

That’s what Schumer’s likely thinking too. Republicans are experts at capitulation and surrender. Maybe one or two, might mention it, but if history is any indicator, their weak and compromised leadership will find something else to focus on in the period of time between now and the August recess and nothing will happen. They’ll let our law-abiding President be impeached and ignore  the crimes of the totally corrupt Democrats and the participants in the coup that is currently unfolding in high gear.

Our government has been hijacked. The left and establishment fully intend to take this President down. The question then becomes, do we, the American people, simply sit by and allow our country to be stolen from us by a bunch of despicable, criminal politicians? Or do we engage the enemy?

It would certainly be a lot easier if this President we elected as the tough guy who would stand up to anything, would at least stand up to those who are out to bring him down and fire Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe.

Clean house Mr. President or you won’t be residing there for much longer and this nation will likely be embroiled in civil war.

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