Schumer Didn’t Blink On Shutdown – Squatter Amnesty Pressure Shifted To GOP

Schumer appeared to blink on the shutdown but he got a pledge from McConnell to bring squatter amnesty to the floor. He elevated the debate, winning round one off the ropes

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American patriots shouldn’t be engaging in the full-throated celebration of the end of the “government shutdown” that the theatrical directors in the mainstream media are herding us towards, touting what took place as a cave by Democrats. 

It’s true they agreed to end their shutdown over funding and to “drop the gun” they had held to the heads of our military and others they supposedly “care about.” But the end result of all of this nonsense and that which has preceded it is that squatter amnesty is now the highest priority in Washington outside of the releasing the Nunes memo.

Squatter amnesty should not even be being debated, in the opinion of many who support President Trump. The border wall should be constructed, legal immigration reformed and reduced, and our economy allowed to recover from the 16 years of abuse under Bush, Obama as well as their predecessors.

Baby-boomer Americans, who haven’t seen a real pay raise since 1973, should at least be allowed to know what that feels like before they leave the workforce and retire on much less than they should have been able to accumulate over the years.

The very forces who have driven Americans to last place in their own country, led by the US Chamber of Commerce, control the US Senate through campaign donations and other, more direct methods. Their actions have put us all on notice. They want their cheap labor and will impose their squatter amnesty whether we like it or not. The only question from their perspective is how much, if any, token concessions they’re going to reluctantly give us in return.

The illegal alien lobby is in league with both sides of the uniparty, the globalist Democrats and the big business RINOs, making it easy to orchestrate the path of show “negotiations” and to craft “developments.”

We were shown that they are willing to shutdown the government in a manner similar to Alan Rickman’s character Hans Gruber in the movie Die Hard. They’ve shot the first hostage, they’ve shown us that they mean business. They have our attention and are now in possession of the political license to make their demands. They have elevated their bargaining position through a three day political stunt, not diminished it.

The globalist Democrats will get something in exchange for refusing to do the job they were elected to do, the funding of the government. What they hope to get will be more of the foreign labor displacing American workers and additional replacement citizens voting their way.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who typically draws the role of the surrendering emperor in these dramas, said of his victory, “I’m glad we’ve gotten past that.” The vote to end the filibuster was 81-18, with Schumer agreeing to passage of the stopgap spending bill.

Aside from getting amnesty served on a plate at the latest of these false deadlines, Schumer got everything he was hoping for and is the victor. He walked away with a virtual promise of some degree of GOP surrender within three weeks, when the first of an endless stream of squatter sub-groups will be made citizens, Obama’s “dreamers.” 

What the media is calling a “breakthrough” could easily become the typical McConnell breakdown, the waving of the white flag. He said he would allow a full immigration debate in February unless a deal is reached before then. That could easily go south in a hurry.

If President Trump gets his border wall and the other priorities he shares with Senators Cotton and Perdue and Reps Meadows and King, then it may be something that could be tolerated. That is, if others already in the US are somehow excluded from becoming the hashtag #ImADreamerToo and eventually included in another “final solution” wave of illegals competing for jobs and housing, flooding our highways and burdening our social services.

Despicable commie Chuck Schumer touted the outcome as a victory, saying, “The Republican majority now has 17 days to prevent the Dreamers from being deported.” Actually, if President Trump holds strong, the globalist Democrats now have 17 days to agree to allow Americans to defend themselves and our nation from the invasion or their foreign hostages will be sacrificed for the good of the country.

Republicans have long contended that they were willing to have this discussion but it must carry with it the tools to make it the final instance, there must be border security that will keep illegal foreigners out. McConnell said the debate would begin with a neutral bill and an open amendment process that allows every side of the debate to help craft the legislation.

Democrats will now work towards an amnesty bill with as little substance for the defense of this nation as possible, freshly armed with accusations of promises made and “good faith” broken. President Trump and Republicans will have to be stubborn and stick to their guns if we are to retake control over our nation and truly put Americans first. Surrendering to globalist Democrats and their demanding foreign invaders is not how we make America great again.


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3 Comments on Schumer Didn’t Blink On Shutdown – Squatter Amnesty Pressure Shifted To GOP

  1. Tthe Daily Caller just released a 30-minute tape from a former federal prosecutor, Joe De Genova. It details how Admiral Rogers found out about the phony dossier and the bugging of candidate Trump and President-elect Trump. Admiral Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA, went to Trump Tower on November 17th and told the President-elect that his transition team was being bugged, who was bugging him and why.

  2. Josephine Marshall // January 23, 2018 at 6:29 am // Reply

    I hope the Republicans and the President realize that they are going to loose their “deplorable” votes if they let the creep Schumer get away with this. WE DON’T WANT THE DREAMERS, DACA, ILLEGALS OR ALL IMPORTED REFUGEES IN OUR COUNTRY. Deport them all!!!!

  3. James Higginbotham // January 23, 2018 at 6:17 am // Reply

    i agree with this view Rick.

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