SCHUMER Pins Obamacare Failure On TRUMP – He’s Letting Their MONSTER DIE

chuck schumer

Chuck Schumer is at it again, distorting the truth in an attempt to create an alternate reality, rewriting history and his Democrats out of responsibility for one of  their greatest failures, Obamacare. In the  Democrat big picture, which is focused on destroying America, it is actually a huge success, but they have to pretend they want America to succeed until they reach the time to pull our plug, to take us down.

Swamp snake Schumer declared on Tuesday that President Trump’s threat to let Obamacare collapse was actually a PR attempt to sabotage the failing health care system, using the American people as political pawns through which to apply the pressure.

Despite Obamacare being 100% an Obama and Democrat imposed program that is collapsing because it is unsustainable, Schumer and his fellow vermin are claiming they didn’t do it. Like the “They went that-a-way, Sheriff” misdirection found in cheap Westerns, Schumer said, “The president would not be ‘letting Obamacare collapse.’ He is actively trying to undermine the heath care system in the county, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game.”

Is Schumer claiming that without President Trump “actively trying to undermine” Obamacare it would survive? Of course – who’s going to challenge him, the media? It’s his job to pin his fault on someone else – he’s a Democrat. And President Trump is their boogeyman for everything. He said the president was creating uncertainty that was undermining the health care system. Are you sure it’s not the insurers that are pulling out, the rising deductibles and premiums that nobody can afford, the penalties or any of the other myriad things that make it a horrible deal, Chuck?

It’s President Trump, abandoning his attempts to save it due to a lack of cooperation and support. That’s what, according to Chuckie, is causing Obamacare to go bust. Schumer said the President “wants to throw up his hands rather than roll up his sleeves to work with us and solve the problem. The President is playing a dangerous game with the health care of this country.” Trump knows what Schumer and his comrades are doing, and reiterated “I’m not going to own it.”

Senate Republican leaders announced that they would be taking up a bill to repeal Obamacare over a two-year period, providing time to pass a replacement. Schumer is setting out the Democrat negotiating position. It’s a weak one but they’re masters at forcing submission from their stronger opponents, saying Senate Republicans had to choose between following the president and joining with Democrats in an effort to help American families.

“They can follow the president down a path that will lead to higher premiums, less care and millions of Americans losing coverage.” That’s where the Democrat Obamacare is heading on its own, as it was written and as it is being abandoned. Trump isn’t leading anyone there, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama and their comrades dropped us there and ran. “They can join President Trump in trying to sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent Americans to try to make a political point that its failed already, or they can start to work with Democrats.” By “work with” Schumer means “surrender to.”

President Trump is not trying to sabotage the system. He has done more than anyone, particularly the obstructionist Democrats responsible for the disaster, to try to salvage it. And he’s doing so against the wishes of many  conservative Republicans who would prefer a return to competition and a free market, out of the control and grasp of the profiteering “too big to fail” insurance companies and their complicit, sold out political enablers.

Our government, in the mind of many Americans, has no business being our insurance company. Give me two of those Obamacare aspirin. Schumer and his snarky, condescending lectures give me a headache. Really, twenty bucks?


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