Schumer Patronizing Celebration Of Victory With Ryan, McConnell Over President Trump

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Let’s break down the obvious antics of the pieces of self-serving liberal trash, Chuck Schumer and his fellow charlatans, both Democrat and Republican. As if to get it on the record that he’s important and others aren’t, Schumer gives someone in the public space where he’s decided to draw attention to himself and his cadre as good shhing. He calls upon the room to silence themselves so the important Senator can speak undisturbed. That’s an action that should have been met by some expletives, some of which also start with that same shhh sound, and aren’t shhhumer.

There are three points of interest in this short clip, the first being the nauseatingly phony and patronizing claim that they’re acting on behalf of coal miners. They’re acting in their own self interest using coal miners as a prop. Perhaps Joe Manchin cares some, but the bottom line is that, as usual, they’re using our tax dollars to buy votes or political advantages. Our money is being used to repair the damage the Democrats have done to the coal industry and their victims, the miners of West Virginia and elsewhere, to provide the Democrats with political cover and rehabilitation.

It’s important to remember that the reason that coal miners are out of work is that the Democrats have been fighting  a war on coal, led by Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, as part of their Democrat plot to de-industrialize America and create welfare recipients out of the former workers. It’s a strategy that may have cost them the election last time around, so they’re fixing that, giving them free money, taken from us, and we’re on the hook for it. The miners would much rather have their old jobs back, but the Democrats are destroying America, like a plague moving across the nation. They are just among the first of millions of jobs to be sacrificed to globalism.

Schumer describes in typical nauseating fashion, the efforts of the politicians as herculean, to help the miners who do backbreaking work and had been left out in the cold. He should know, he and the rest of his party are the ones who left them there. He says miners symbolize what Democrat priorities are and he’s right about that but it isn’t the “helping working people” he claims. It’s screwing them out of their work to push their agenda.

In part two of his little stage presentation, Schumer expresses his pride in his accomplishments on the budget. Under his “leadership” they “worked in a bi-partisan way,” with their “Republican colleagues, I give them a lot of credit. Mitch McConnell, we worked very well together, uh, the leader Pelosi, Speaker Ryan as well…we all worked as a team.” He’s making the point that as long as that mean Donald Trump isn’t involved and Republicans will just roll over to get their bellies rubbed, everything is really wonderful in a Democrat controlled, minority-run Congress.

The third part of his disgusting little display involves a warning to the President and Republicans. If they try to remain true to his campaign promises we elected him on, they’re going to blame him for shutting down the government. Schumer is already assigning the blame in this little game of charades. He says that he hopes that by September they can count on Ryan and the rest of the establishment swamp vermin to stick it to the American people again and submit to the Democrats without a fight.

Please Mr. President, show us the Donald Trump we elected in November. Stand up to this worm, trust your instincts. You’re not draining the swamp, you’re drowning in it. You’ve got the support of the people who elected you, the cowards in Congress don’t really matter. If you don’t stand up for us now, you risk alienating the people who trusted you and passionately supported you. Any candidate could give us this capitulating, business as usual, same old same old garbage. We didn’t vote for that. We voted to Make America Great Again. If that requires shutting down the failing government, go for it. Veto this horrible bill. Wipe that smirk off of Schumer’s smug and arrogant mug.  

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  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 3, 2017 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    President Trump was elected to kick ass; to be the asshole you have to be when running a multibillion dollar corporation. I once stated that he would disappoint a lot of voters (I voted for Ted Cruz); I voted for him, but it looks like he is turning his programs over to the rinos. They, like the demonrats will lie to him, lie about him, and undermine him every chance they get for the next 4 years. Unless he has a plan to conquer the AntiAmerica members of Congress, there will not be a second term, and possibly no Republican President.

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