Schumer Obstructing Cabinet Appointments – Gingrich Calls Him Out

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As the Democrats continue to be obstructionists on President Trump’s cabinet nominees, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Mitch McConnell is starting to come under some pressure for his blatant partisanship in dragging out the confirmation process.

Even the Democrat-friendly Chuck Todd of NBC questions why they are making things so difficult, asking, “Why hold up Mike Pompeo’s nomination for a weekend? He’s going to get confirmed tomorrow, why be that, it does look politically, petty?”

Schumer won’t give the real answer that Todd alluded too, that he is in fact being petty, instead producing political cover for what is clearly obstructionism. He says, “Well, actually no CIA director has been confirmed the day of inauguration, the CIA is in very good hands, the number three guy is running it. In fact I suggested to the Vice President on Wednesday that have Brennan stay, he’d be willing to stay, he’s devoted to the agency.”

We can bet the Democrats would love having that Islamist remain in charge, the one that Trump believes was at the root of the misinformation and leaks that were plaguing the agency with their fabricated “Russian hacking” narrative. He’s devoted to the same anti-American agenda that Schumer and Obama are, that’s not going to happen.

Schumer then lays on a thick helping of lies, saying, “There are some very serious questions about Mike Pompeo.” No there aren’t, he’s having to stretch to even find out anything to discuss. His feelings about waterboarding are hardly serious or even of significance, it’s an excuse to delay.

Schumer admits that the vote will come on Monday and that he’ll likely be confirmed, to which Todd points out that the whole thing has been a waste of time and served no purpose. It seems that the point may have been to require a floor debate, with Schumer raising that as something the Republicans sought to avoid. He adds, “It does no harm to have that debate and vote Monday night.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich disagrees with that position, as is reflected in his comments to Maria Bartiromo. He said, “What Schumer’s doing is unconscionable. Barack Obama, ‘president’ Obama, got seven cabinet appointments confirmed the first day. What Schumer is doing is putting petty, negative, nasty politics ahead of the management of the federal government.”

He says, “The President has a right to have a cabinet to run the government. And I think people should come down on Schumer like a ton of bricks, I think, frankly, patriotic Democrats ought to be furious. This whole notion of we’re just going to screw you up to prove that we can be partisan at the beginning of the administration is the opposite of what Republicans did to ‘president’ Obama in 2009.

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