Schumer Enjoying Laugh At President Trump, Doesn’t Know He Just Got Played

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It didn’t take long for CNN attack puppy Wolf Blitzer to get the Snake of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, in front of a camera to gloat over the failure of the Republicans to get their admittedly flawed bill passed through the House.

Schumer is reveling in the moment, celebrating the perceived defeat in his typical snarky, sarcastic manner, but his day of reckoning is coming soon. As President Trump said, 2017 is going to be a very bad year for Obamacare and the Democrats now own it. When it explodes, it’s going to blow up all over Schumer and Pelosi.

The fake news propagandist feeds Schumer the scripted question, asking, “Who do you blame for their failure; I’d like for you to name names.”  An interview with Blitzer for Schumer is like a fishing trip where he stopped by the supermarket on the way and picked up some Gorton’s filets.

Schumer gleefully names two names, the prime targets for his childish boasting, saying, “Well, the bottom line is President Trump proved to be incompetent. There was no art of the deal here. Even his great technique, ‘I’ll threaten them, I’ll pull out and then they’ll come back to me didn’t work.” Actually Schumer, it’s in the process of working. Enjoy your short-lived victory celebration while you can. You’ll soon be slithering back for some Republican cover and help, groveling for a chance to kiss Mr. Trump’s ring when this Obamacare disaster implodes.

Trump’s set you up, making no secret of the fact that not one Democrat voted in favor of this replacement bill and we all know not one Republican voted for Obamacare. You, Chuckie Boy, are caught in a trap largely of your own construction. The President has done his part and you and your fellow Democrat vermin will clearly be seen as those responsible when the inevitable Obamacare collapse happens. You claim there was no art of the deal because you were so deftly played you still haven’t seen it.

Schumer compliments Speaker Ryan, his fellow establishment hack, saying, “Leader Ryan, I like him a great deal, he’s a good man, but I don’t understand how you can put a bill on the floor before so many of your members have signed off on it and don’t like it. So there’s a lot of blame, all on the Republican side.”

Is this the point where Wolf Blitzer notes that no Democrats supported the Republicans in their effort? No, of course not. He’s not going to say anything to spoil the moment or to make his brethren America-haters look bad.

Schumer engages in more personal attacks, as he hedges his bets against the upcoming disaster he had hoped the GOP would have bailed him out on. He says, “And it’s about time for the President to act like a President, not to make things worse by making Obamacare worse. It’s a good bill now [it’s a law, Chuck, you moron] he can try to make it better, that’s fine. But this idea “ha ha ha” people will suffer, that is not what a president is supposed to be.” That, as if it was worthy of comment, is not what President Trump said. He simply stated the fact that Obamacare is doomed and the time will come where Democrats are forced by reality of the mess they created to come to the table.

Schumer added insincerely, “We’re not gloating that they failed. We’re sad that, uh, they won’t work with us to improve Obamacare.”

You’re not sad now, Chuck, but wait until 2018 when the people in voting booths respond to the healthcare debacle Republicans just attempted to fix. You’ll be crying real tears for a change then. And Nancy Pelosi will be looking at retirement.

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7 Comments on Schumer Enjoying Laugh At President Trump, Doesn’t Know He Just Got Played

  1. One more reason to hate Liberals. What about the millions of people who don’t have insurance? ACA was a failure to begin with. I, and many other people, can’t afford insurance.

  2. Sometimes our memories fade…even after just a few years…in this case because Obama’s eight years in office seemed like an eternity that a lot of us WANTED to forget! However, at this stage, with a bad “no repeal” bill justifiably pulled down, we all should be reminded of the deceitful machinations that occurred, not to mention the $trillions of taxpayer-financed expenses wasted, during the creation, the passage and the stumbling website rollout of what one of the primary authors of ObamaCare (a now-retired Democrat senator from Montana) rightfully called, a “train wreck.”

    The public in general, and especially the voters in states won by Donald Trump need to be reminded of the “bribes” to Democrat Senators that were given “cutesy” nicknames (like “the Louisiana Purchase, etc.), the incorporated exemptions (especially to Congress itself), plus the waivers and the subsidies granted to favored Democrat constituencies. Why? Because the 2018 elections are right around the corner and because ObamaCare is destined to implode before that time as providers continue to leave the exchanges…and premiums and co-pays are continuing to increase dramatically for everyone still in this failed system.

  3. Chuck Schumer is a deceiver, a LIAR…..You wait Demorats, The blame will be, all on YOU, when obummercare blows apart! lmao…

  4. Schumer is such a damn did he ever get elected?

  5. Somewhere in this world there is someone who likes this b’tard.

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