Schumer Crying The Blues Now, Sang A Different Tune For Obama’s Refugee Vetting

chuck schumer


Back in November of 2015, when Hussein Obama was considering placing a ban on entry into the United States by Syrian “refugees” at a time when virtually every other Democrat was clamoring for the importation program to continue, and to be escalated, as it later would be.

Schumer said he was waiting for a special briefing scheduled for the following day on the vetting process that was in place to make his decision. He said, “We’re waiting for the briefing tomorrow, a pause may be necessary. We’re going to look at it.”  Of course when he looked at it he discovered, if the information was accurate, that there was no vetting program of any significance, that there is nothing to check against, no database and nobody to call for information. There’s no such structure inside of Syria. Even the identity of the individuals cannot be verified.

In the video from 2015, Schumer said, “Every refugee has to be vetted and they have to make sure that there’s no connection whatsoever with terrorism. If there is even a doubt they should not be admitted.” Of course the Obama program is full of doubt, it’s full of holes, there is no vetting. Perhaps that fact is another reason why they are attempting to prevent the pause, as a review of the system will show just how reckless they have been.

Whatever the content of that briefing, Schumer certainly seems to have changed his opinion on how the admission of persons from terrorist countries, many of whom are unvetted terrorists are to be treated. In his fake crying session of last weekend, Schumer burbled a different tune, saying, as he fought back tears that didn’t exist and choked on something that wasn’t in his throat, “This executive order was mean spirited and un-American.”

That sounds like Schumer is describing himself, not an order securing the homeland. What a despicable fraud and unabashed fraud that guy is.

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