Schumer Claims Targeting 8 Trump Cabinet Picks – Really After 3

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It’s important to remember as the Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, criticize and obstruct the Trump cabinet picks, that Democrats are not a political party in the traditional sense. They are not a group of Americans who just happen to think in a different, more liberal way. They are an organization of anti-Americans whose agenda comes before the welfare of the nation.

They are willing to sacrifice the American people, to do damage to our security and prosperity. Anything that furthers the cause of consolidating and expanding their central control they will do, without a second thought. Advancing their global government requires, to a significant degree, the destruction of the United States and a relinquishment of our sovereignty and that of other nations. That is what they are about, that is their objective, the whole Democrat Party operation is a means through which to exercise and acquire power and wealth.

With that in mind, the recent announcement by Senator Schumer that he and his fellows Soros minions will be targeting eight of Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks deserves closer inspection. The question is who would they perceive as a threat. While Rex Tillerson is a popular whipping boy at this point due to his perceived vulnerability for being familiar and having working relationships with the Russians, he’s likely not a threat to them, at least only from a standpoint of being successful in carrying out his duties as Secretary of State. The same applies to Steve Mnuchin at Treasury, also identified as one of the targeted eight, who is an unknown and was Trump’s chief fundraiser during the campaign. They’ll make noise but it theatrics, he’s not a threat. That leaves six.

Tom Price at HHS will have a lot of corruption and waste to clean up, but every cabinet member will face those challenges with the Obama mess to a degree, and doing so would likely help to create arguments for 2020 as to why the welfare state was a “good thing” from the perverse perspective of a Democrat. The potential threat might lie in the unknown nature of the abuses that will inevitably be uncovered during the cleanup. Excluding that variable, which will exist for anyone crawling into the HHS sewer, he’s not the target.  Mick Mulvaney, in trimming budgetary waste and fat at OMB, can also be vilified in 2020 and he will be, but there’s nothing that makes him unique from a threat standpoint.

Betsy Devos at the Department of Education could create some serious problems for Democrat policies as she’ll fire up the teachers unions with her purported opposition to common core. Success on her part could undercut her opposition, making it tough for them to convince the Democrat base to walk away from the futures of their kids. Even misguided Democrats love their children, but the successes need to be visible early.

Conventional thinking might point to one of potential real threats as being his Labor Secretary, where Trump selected an anti-regulatory excess advocate in CKE restaurants’ Andy Puzder. Then again, Trump is already making friends in the labor sector in response to his job-saving outreaches, including Richard Trumka at the AFL-CIO. Labor may turn on the Democrats of their own volition, in response to a positive, growing jobs environment.

Where labor can really bite the Democrats in the backside is in the area of employing illegal aliens and sanctions against employers who do so. Those laws are on the books, ready to be enforced. Simple, basic enforcement would result in a wave of “Help Wanted – Must Be American” signs going up across the nation. The Democrat foreigner base would be forced to self-deport, a huge problem for them in their survival, let alone future election successes.

The even greater existential threats, from the perspective of their party and some individuals at the top, lie in two positions, EPA administrator and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Attorney General nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions.

Pruitt is a law and order guy who understands the shady dealings that are associated with the profiteering surrounding the climate hoax, including cap and trade schemes that were supposed to make every high level Democrat a billionaire. Now many may find themselves facing prosecution. That includes former EPA officials, who will be doing some talking. Some of them are already under investigation. They’ve had problems with corruption and missing emails at the EPA too. They’ve also got problems with falsifying scientific data and abusing their offices, things that a former state attorney general might want to investigate.

Senator Jeff Sessions is undoubtedly their top target. He’s the guy who will be responsible for holding the criminals of the last eight years accountable for their actions against this nation, some of it treasonous. He’s also going to start enforcing federal immigration laws on day one, so he’ll be slow walked and challenged every step of the way.

They’ll throw out old, fabricated accusations of racism and whatever other type of personal assault they think might prevent his confirmation or leave him damaged when he emerges on the other side. It won’t matter. Senator Sessions has the full support of the American people and the President-elect. It’s a bit of nastiness that we’ll have to endure from the lowest vermin in DC, Senate Democrats, and then he’ll be able to get down to business.

It’s all about them and their agenda; the nation is simply a tool in the acquisition of control and power. Democrats will attack and use scorched-earth techniques of every description if they believe it will protect or insulate them or make them successful or stronger. Ultimately they’ll fail on all counts. The people are at last beginning to open their eyes, they want to be prosperous. This truly is a battle between good and evil and evil’s dropped their arms, staring at a KO punch being delivered by Donald Trump and these picks. There will be no saving by the bell.

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