Chuck Schumer Brags How He Laid Down The Law To President Trump

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To hear Chuck Schumer tell it the Democrats are in the majority and President Trump must kowtow to him. While it is true the Republicans are running Congress as if they are the minority party and President Trump has reached out to Democrats, there clearly is no compromise on the part of Democrats.

And there never will be; the sooner President Trump learns this lesson the better off this nation will be. Chuck Schumer said it in plain English on Tuesday, if the President is only willing to believe his eyes and ears.

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Schumer revealed that he’s the one calling the shots, at least in his mind and possibly in reality. He said he and President Trump have “talked a bit about working together and I said to the President the best way he can show some good faith is support the dreamers bill.”

Schumer said, “The second thing he can do that can be very helpful and move things in our direction is support an extension of the [Obamacare premium subsidies] cost sharing, because we know that that’s coming out. So there are lots of things that we can do that can improve things that he seems open to.”

Schumer’s asked about funding for the border wall, not even letting the reporter finish his question before responding. He said, “I made it so, so clear to the President that there is not going to be a wall in the appropriations process or in others.” So Schumer is dictating, not only to McConnell and Ryan, but now to President Trump as well.

He references the statement by Marc Short, speaking for the administration as a media event, in which he affirmed that the border wall will not be tied to the “dreamers.” Schumer called that “a very, very good thing and good progress.” That’s proof it’s a major concession and one that is not being met in kind.

Schumer continued to play the big dog role, saying, “I’ve told him over and over again. At one point he said, ‘go easy on the wall.’ I said ‘No.'”

There is no dealing with Democrats. There is only confrontation or surrender. How much surrender is President Trump willing to offer in exchange for an appearance of success? How much of what we elected him based upon is he willing to turn his back to in the process?

On immigration, President Trump is breaking, not keeping, a major promise on DACA amnesty. He should at least be a skilled enough negotiator to get something important like the border wall in return. They should, at a minimum, be linked. He’s giving a lot and receiving nothing in return.

But Ivanka’s happy.


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5 Comments on Chuck Schumer Brags How He Laid Down The Law To President Trump

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // September 14, 2017 at 5:08 pm // Reply

    scceeemer, a despicable embarrassment head clown POS.

  2. I’m not real happy about the way things are going. I feel like Trump has compromised himself, and his supporters by giving in to the Democrats and I’m very disappointed in him. I thought When I voted for Trump that he was going to different! I thought he would actually do what he promised to do, and now I see that is not going to happen. I have the same feeling of doom for the future that I had during the election if Hillary had won. I am afraid what life will be like here in America in 10 years from now. I no longer like my country. Immigrants come here and expect everything to be handed to them, and guess what? Everything IS being handed to them, and it’s at my cost! I did not work my butt off for all these years to give my money to a bunch of people that demand things from my country. Immigrants/refugees demand that we change our culture and our beliefs to suit them, and that’s not the way it is supposed to work! You should come here and be grateful to be here, and you assimilate, you learn our language and you live by our rules! You don’t tell us what to do for you! You don’t sue everyone when you don’t get your way! You don’t wave the flag of your country in my face in MY country! You don’t tell me that you will one day own my country! I am glad that I am old and will die soon, but I worry about my daughter. I worry about her every single day now….

    • Oh … Kathy … I’m having the same feelings as you … he’s not even fought Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell … And, I’ve just read that he is still backing McConnell’s candidate in Kentucky (that’s going to loose, I hope). (??????) .. What’s going on? DACA is amnesty .. and amnesty for the whole family chain! .. #Trump knows already that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do not want the WALL, so he can’t be counting on them to help. … Color me confused and scared.

    • Deborah Smith // September 14, 2017 at 2:40 pm // Reply

      Yes I’ve had those same feelings. I’ve had to taper down on watching politics is just getting to be too much. Anyway I believe things just can’t go on much longer like this. I have a feeling of doom and gloom. As a Christian I do believe He’s coming back very soon but nobody knows the exact day. Although pretty much everything in bible prophecy has already happened or is happening.


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