Schultz Fantasy Land – Trump A Dictator, Yates Courageous, Democrats Are Beautiful

debbie wasserman schultz


The shameless Democrats, as demonstrated by a Democrat with more to be ashamed of than most, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have no limits. They’ll do or say whatever it takes, whatever they think sounds good to the stupid people, the ones that somehow keep voting them into power. This idiot, in her appropriate Pepto-Bismol pink outfit, given the gastric reaction many have to the sight of her, had the nerve to label the insubordinate acting AG, Sally Yates, as a profile in courage. Yates was insubordinate when she should have simply resigned. That’s a profile in disrespect, bad upbringing, character defects, bad judgment or dishonesty, but there was no courage involved.

Wasserman Schultz immediately starts to tell her lies to Maria Bartiromo, attempting to distort the record and change it in the minds of the viewers. She says, “I think it’s important to note that she did exactly what she said she would do if she was given an order by the President of the United States with which she believed violated the law,” blinking with every false word uttered.

Bartiromo interjects, “Actually she didn’t” and reminds her, “She said when she was questioned by Jeff Sessions the deputy attorney general and the attorney general need to follow the law and follow the Constitution and if they have an issue with it, speak to the President, voice their concerns privately to the President. That’s not what she did. She went against the law, she went against the executive order.

The Florida freak then goes on to lecture the host, parse some words, stretch some meanings and tell Bartiromo how wrong she is, that yes, according to Democrat logic and twisted reasoning, Yates did do what she said she would do. She said, “She did do what she said she was going to do because her answer to Jeff Sessions was she would make sure that the Department of Justice followed the law. And frankly, because President Trump did absolutely nothing to consult the Department of Justice, his Secretary of Homeland Security, any members of Congress, the leadership of Congress, since they basically slapped this policy together in which they were barring immigrants and refugees for a period of time…blah blah blah.

Was Wasserman Schultz in the White House this week and she’s been being kept abreast of all of President Trump’s contacts? She knows that Secretary Kelly was not aware of the roll out despite being involved in crafting it or that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan weren’t consulted? Of course not, they just got the White House disinfected after the last eight years. She’s not going to be allowed anywhere near it. Schultz is talking out of her rear orifice again and still has only limited control of what’s coming out. She’s just doing what she always does, getting her hideous mug in front of a camera and then using it to bash Republicans, this time the President.

Schultz bizarrely says it will be interesting to see if Senator Sessions does what Yates said she would do, assuming that Sessions is for some reason going to not agree with the President’s policies, which is not likely to happen. She then goes on to engage in more of the requisite Trump bashing for his tweeting. She says that because he’s complaining about the glacial pace of his nominees being approved and the impact that is having on his being able to govern, that he believes he was elected as a dictator.

Bartiromo asks “but what are the issues?” noting that Obama got 14 nominees approved in the first week and Trump is here with only four approved due to Democrat obstructionism. The Florida hag blames it on the caliber of his nominees but she can’t identify anyone other than Betsy Devos as being specifically someone she finds objectionable. She calls Devos wholly unqualified because she has never taught in public schools, a new requirement that nobody other than Schultz was aware of.  That still doesn’t explain the others who are sitting in limbo for no reason other than Chuck Schumer’s political motivations without a substantive challenge.

Bartiromo rightfully identifies what is going on as obstructionism, saying, “They are obstructing the process.”

Schultz argues, “You don’t think the United States Senate, Democrats or Republicans, should appropriately review the President’s nominees…blah blah typical Schultz blah? – The operative word is appropriately and this abuse of process by the Democrat obstructionists misses that mark by more than a mile.

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