Schiff Scared, Cancels Witch Hunt Testimony – Page, Stone, Manafort Defy Democrat Mafia

A month and a half ago, on May 17th, following the offer by Russian officials to make their notes of a White House meeting available to the House Intelligence Committee if they needed them, Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) was all beside himself, claiming to be at a loss for words. He said, “I’m running out of adjectives and expletives for the situation that the Russians are offering to provide the evidence of what went on in the White House.

Schiff followed that comment up by saying, regarding potential subpoenas, “If the documents are provided voluntarily, then absolutely. I have to think that the FBI is going to provide these documents willingly and I have to think that [former] Director Comey will come before the Congress willingly and I think we need to do both as soon as possible.

So there he is, just one of countless times that Schiff talked about upcoming witnesses before the intelligence committee or potential witnesses, including the three that are currently now being blocked by Schiff from testifying. Those individuals are Carter Page, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Somehow, for some unknown reason(s) that Schiff won’t detail, their value in the witch hunt is now diminished.

Schiff won’t even admit that it was him who blocked the three, but the Daily Caller reports it was.  Who you gonna believe, a lying Democrat partisan hack or a respected news organization? On two consecutive days the DCNF reporter asked Schiff the same question. The audio of the second instance, on Wednesday is below.

Reporter Kerry Picket asked, “Congressman, when I asked you the other day with regards to blocking witnesses I was referring to Carter Page. He was scheduled to testify before your committee behind closed doors, and it was said that you specifically didn’t want him to testify. Why was that?”

Schiff doesn’t deny he blocked the testimony, which is a strong indicator that he did. He simply replied with a very non-committal, “Mr. Page is free to say whatever he wants about anything but we’re not commenting on who we’ve scheduled to come before the committee or not scheduled. So I can’t comment on that.”

Picket doesn’t stop with the brush aside, asking, “But do you have a problem with Mr. Page testifying before your committee? I mean, why did you block him, I mean that was classified, right?” Shifty Schiff replies with a very evasive, “Again, I don’t want to accept the premise of your question,” so the reporter asks, “What does that mean? What is the premise, I’m a little confused as to how exactly it’s classified, that’s all.”

Schiff responds that he didn’t say it was classified, he’s just saying that, “Anyone is free to talk about and not talk about whether they’re going to come before a committee, but as a practice we’re not talking about any witnesses we’ve scheduled or what our communications were, um, so that’s our policy.”

Clearly the policy has changed on Mr. Page, in addition to how Schiff attempts to portray it generally. On April 4th Politico reported Schiff as saying “talking about” that very witness, Mr. Page. They wrote, quoting Schiff, “‘He’s certainly a person of interest, and I think at the appropriate time, we are going to want him to come before the committee,’ Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the panel, told anchor Chris Hayes on MSNBC.”

President Trump expressed his opinion on why the Democrats didn’t want Page to testify in tweet form a month ago. Once again, he seems to have been right on the money and way ahead of everyone else.

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