Schiff Repeats Clapper Talking Points In Orchestrated Attack On Trump

shifty schiff


Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA) is the kind of sleazy politician that taints all of Congress just by his mere existence. He’s the kind of kid that anti-bullying regulations were created to protect, hiding behind the skirt of a teacher or the threat of sanctions against the many who surely must have detested him throughout his school years. Clearly in that regard little has changed for the California Democrat.

The dishonest with the helium balloon head went on Face the Nation Sunday, spewing his vitriol immediately with the first question, one in which he’s asked, “There’s a lot happened this week, so for you, what’s the most important thing?”

Schiff responds, “Well the most important thing to me is that the President fired the FBI Director all because of the Russia investigation. That first justification given, again, the White House misleading the country about a major action the administration was taking.” He goes on to call the President unethical and maybe beyond unethical Shifty repeats the same talking points that his comrade James Clapper had spewed earlier in the day on another program, that it’s “deeply disturbing and a threat to our system of checks and balances.” The most disturbing thing aside from Schiff himself is their coordination of the Democrat talking points and attacks, proof that all of their malicious anti-American nonsense is orchestrated, politically motivated and deliberate.

Dickerson points to the positions and statements made by Schiff in the past, which were highly critical of Comey, asking if there wasn’t merit to his firing.  The lying someone saw the need to elevate criminal Hillary Clinton to the stature of our President. He said that Comey never explained why he treated the Clinton investigation one way and the Trump investigation another. We’ll spell it out your you, Tootsie Roll Pop head, it’s because Clinton is a treasonous spy who exposed and sold American secrets and the Trump investigation is a sham designed by the same crooks to sink his presidency, totally lacking in merit. Was that simple enough to penetrate the thick outer candy layer of your head?

Schiff goes on to conflate all DOJ business with the ill-advised recusal of Attorney General Sessions, claiming he couldn’t fire Comey because he was still dragging out the bogus Russia investigation. Under those circumstances he’d be a fool to ever complete it. The US Attorneys had cases they were working  on, Brennan and Clapper surely had their operations that were not yet completed, that’s how it goes sometimes. Nobody should be guaranteed a job, least of all a criminal planted in the FBI because of their successful obstruction.

Schiff blathers on about the critical nature of the Russia investigation to the process of hiring a new FBI Director, what should be the least relevant consideration. While asking a prospective director how long they would continue to indulge the Democrats in their destructive charade is important, the investigation itself is a ridiculous political farce, wasting time, energy and hamstringing the administration. It’s proceeding just as the Democrats and Schiff intended.

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