Schiff Questioning Of Johnson Results In Endorsement Of Prosecuting Clinton

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It’s not yet clear what the objective was for trotting out Jihadi Jeh Johnson, after Hussein Obama the man most responsible for opening up our borders and infiltrating America with dangerous foreigners, before the House Intelligence Committee. It’s a safe bet it had something to do with shoring up the rapidly disintegrating claim that Russia and the Trump campaign colluded in the 2016 election but beyond that things are still a little murky.  

They reintroduced into the narrative via Johnson the old news that the Clinton campaign had refused to allow the FBI to inspect their supposedly hacked hard drive(s). Perhaps now they’ve been sufficiently bleachbitted or hit with a hammer enough times that the Dems feel more comfortable with the FBI possibly getting access. Is there a reason they need to reinforce the credibility of the FBI at the expense of the DNC? Whatever the actual purpose of Johnson’s visit, we can be certain it was not for the benefit of the administration or the American people. It’s a political exercise for the Democrats and establishment deep state in some way.

As part of the pony show, Adam “Freakshow” Schiff questioned Johnson with the intention surely to shore up the argument that “man of integrity” James Comey would never have engaged in a frivolous, unsubstantiated investigation and the very fact that an investigation was ongoing means that Trump and Russia must have been in cahoots.

There’s no evidence, and with the search having gone on for ten months that is clearly because what they’re looking for doesn’t exist. But if Schiff just asks for Johnson’s opinion, there doesn’t have to be any evidence and he still receives the benefit of someone supporting his witch hunt. That’s what he did but in doing so he also makes an even stronger argument in favor of prosecuting Hillary Clinton. That’s the prosecution that good old “Integrity James” colluded with Loretta Lynch in not pursuing.

Schiff asks Johnson if Comey would open an investigation based on a “mere hunch”

Schiff asked Johnson, “Are you aware of the information that formed the basis for Director Comey opening a counterintelligence investigation as you testified in July of last year?” After being told by Johnson that he doesn’t really remember, Schiff asks, “Do you believe Director Comey would have opened a counterintelligence investigation on a presidential campaign lightly or on mere hunch?”

Johnson replies, “No.” Schiff continues following the script, dangling the bait of the prepared questions in front of Johnson’s muzzle, saying, “He would need some evidentiary information basis to do so.” Johnson declares it is just his opinion in the qualification of his response, saying, “Based upon everything I know about Jim Comey and the FBI, Yes.” He adds, “My view is that we needed to do it and we needed to do it well before the election to inform the American voters of what we knew and what we saw and it would be unforgiveable if we did not, pre-election. And I’m glad we did.”

So he wasn’t aware of the information that formed the basis, but now he’s fully familiar with the need to do it and glad that “we” did it. “It” went from something that he didn’t know about to something he shared in in the course of just a few moments.

We can apply that same logic to the investigation into the espionage of Hillary Clinton and her sale of government assets and secrets for personal enrichment. Comey, according to Johnson, wouldn’t have opened a frivolous investigation into Clinton. We can therefore conclude, combined with the laundry list he read in his July 5th statement, that if Comey hadn’t been obstructed by his boss, Loretta Lynch and others, “Integrity James” would have arrived at a different decision.

As Johnson said, “They needed to do it and needed to do it well before the election. They did it before the election, but they didn’t do it well. They blew it. And if appearances and the evidence are correct, they did so deliberately, under orders from the Clinton Obama Soros machinery.

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  1. jail time for all of them!

  2. Don’t Forget about Seth murder

  3. In that photo, Schiff looks like someone had marked a corn cob “for suppository use only”…and used it for that purpose. LMAO. But, the good part is that the evidence of REAL political collusion…between Comey, Lynch, Hillary, Bill and the powers that be at the DNC is seeming self-evident.

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