Schiff – Lynch Might Have A Good Reason For Inserting Herself To Protect Clinton

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Dana Bash, filling in for Jake Tapper on the CNN Fake News program “State of the Union,” asks Rep Adam “Shifty” Schiff (D-CA) about comments made by fired FBI Director James Comey. In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey stated that he was given instructions by Loretta Lynch that he should use language approved by the Clinton campaign. In referencing the investigation into her espionage, email and extortion case he was to merely call it a “matter.”

She states that “Senator Dianne Feinstein was on this program recently and she said that gave her a queasy feeling. The Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating this. Do you think that Loretta Lynch should come to Capitol Hill and testify about this?”

The partisan Schiff, who typically only has one speed and mission, full throttle in an effort to force President Trump out of office, deviates slightly, saying, “You know, Senator Feinstein’s comment I think I would agree with. It does give me a  queasy feeling as well.” Having said the bare minimum to retain an appearance of objectivity, he then returns to familiar ground, the obstruction and cover up for Democrat Party and their criminal leadership.

Schiff says, “There may be a perfectly accurate explanation by Loretta Lynch about why she thought matter was the appropriate term rather than investigations, so I wouldn’t assume James Comey’s characterization is the last word on it, even though I’m sure it’s accurate. There is a “perfectly accurate” explanation, Schiff, it’s a cover up and an attempt to diffuse, diminish and stifle the investigation. Schiff is a former federal prosecutor and Assistant US Attorney, so he knows an investigation when he sees one and has likely never prosecuted a matter nor ever heard of an investigation being labeled as one any other time. And don’t forget, Shifty, that matters don’t get grand juries impaneled and without a grand jury Clinton couldn’t be prosecuted.

He’s clearly covering up for the criminals just like he did on the Benghazi Select Committee, adding a non-accusatory, “But I would like to hear what Loretta Lynch’s explanation for that is.” Which “that” are you talking about, Schiff, the instructions for mis-characterizing the investigation or her excuse for inserting herself into it in the first place?

He offers her the option of “just speaking publicly about it.” Maybe at a Clinton or Democrat fundraiser, where she could let us all know it’s just a big misunderstanding. He also dismisses the idea of her coming before the House Intelligence Committee, they only do Russia. This is the slow walking, and they aren’t gum-chewers.  Effectively, they’ve now become the “House Witch Hunt Committee.”

He says he would like to hear her explanation though, so maybe he’ll just attend the fundraiser. He adds, “I certainly wouldn’t want this to distract us from what we need to do to get to the bottom of the Russia allegations.”

Of course he wouldn’t want a distraction from the witch hunt based upon nothing into a real case of criminal wrongdoing at the highest level of his own Democrat Party. And just where is that bottom of the Russia investigations, Shifty? It’s like quicksand with Democrats, they can always sink a little lower.

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  1. Hillary reminds me of Herbert Hoover – she has dirt on every one of them – obama’s crime family.

  2. I get queasy just looking at that bobblehead.

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