Schiff Dismisses DACA Outreach As Good For Trump – By Angering His Base?

adam schiff

Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) isn’t known for his joviality or much of anything else other than his dedication to the globalist Democrat agenda, which, in its current configuration finds him assigned as the point man for the Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt.

Retweeting a meme is beneath the office of the President in any case, in the opinion of Schiff, and he had nothing positive to say for the golf shot into the back of Hillary Clinton that the President tweeted out on this day.

The equally fun-loving George Stephanopoulos found it to be “alarming,” as we might expect. He’s got a lot of money invested in Mrs. Clinton. Schiff just called it juvenile, as he’s so much more mature than the rest of us. So much so that his head is still growing.

It seems as though Stephanopoulos might not have any experience with the game of golf or the use of full-sized equipment. Trump wasn’t swinging a golf ball, as he stated in his negative commentary. He was swinging the club, striking the ball which then struck the criminal Clinton – virtually. 

Schiff says he recognizes the outreach to the Democrats as being purely transactional, that President Trump has no ideology, he’s not conservative, he’s not liberal. He says the only consistent theme seems to be he’s pro-Trump.

If that is the case, please enlighten us as to how giving amnesty to what will initially be almost four million squatters when their parents are included benefits President Trump. It’s obvious how this is a loser for his base, considering he’s climbed out on this limb without getting the funding for the border wall or anything significantly difficult in return, how does it benefit him? How does it benefit his supporters? How does it benefit any American?

Those raping America, the globalists, US Chamber of Commerce, establishment RINOs and Democrats get something out of the deal but why and how has he somehow found common interests in with them? Maybe the bobble-head can enlighten us.

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2 Comments on Schiff Dismisses DACA Outreach As Good For Trump – By Angering His Base?

  1. LOL, he really does look like a bobblehead!

  2. For me, even if he gets the border wall, if he gives any squatters legalization, or, amnesty, I’m done with him. He can’t be trusted to keep his word.

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