Schiff Admits No Russia Evidence, Inadvertently Supports Clinton, Obama Probes

adam schiff

Despite the words coming out of his lying trap to the contrary, Adam Schiff knows there is no case against President Trump. If there were, the Democrats and RINOs would be leaking it all over the place and someone other than Maxine Waters and this bobble-headed nothing would be leading the impeachment charge.

Schiff talks so much that eventually he stumbles into an inadvertent truth, admitting not only that there is nothing to the Russia hoax, but that Hillary Clinton should be investigated for her treason and espionage. It happened during an appearance on propagandist Martha Raddatz’ program where Schiff was focused on making the case to shift from the dry hole of Russia collusion to the more promising carte blanche of obstruction of justice. Russia served its purpose, getting Mueller’s “foot in the door,” now that it’s there and he’s in position, they’ll move on to the more fruitful fields of supposed obstruction.

Schiff downplays the evidence, which Raddatz clearly knows or strongly suspects doesn’t exist as well, as he remarks about how promising this new angle of attack looks. He says, “Well, I think there is evidence. I can’t go into the particulars of our closed investigation. But I also think there’s evidence of obstruction. But in both cases I would say whether there is some evidence doesn’t mean there’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

So he’s admitting after all these months between the two intelligence committees and the FBI there’s no usable evidence but he’s hopeful to be able to distort something with the obstruction angle and get somebody for something so he and his comrades aren’t exposed as political hacks and so that President Trump is diminished.

Schiff Forgets that without evidence there is no trial, saying “No judge would exclude Comey testimony”

He says no judge would exclude Comey’s testimony if they were trying it in a court of law. That’s a mighty big if since there’s not even enough evidence to get an indictment and it would never make it to a court of law. In reality they’re not trying it anywhere, not even in the Senate as impeachment. His example of sexual harassment in the workplace is both weak and intended to be inflammatory. President Trump fired Comey for being a dirty cop and a lousy FBI Director, not because of any impropriety on the part of the President.

Comey was only in the Director position because he was a valuable stooge for Obama and one that he hoped to be able to exploit throughout the next administration when he appointed him. Raddatz points to the statement by Schiff’s fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is among the many who admit there’s no evidence of collusion, asking him who the supposed collusion is between.

Schiff cites the original focus of the investigation, the phantom Russia Trump fairy tale as being whom. He takes a very indirect route before admitting there’s not “proof you could take to a jury.” Since that would be the only product of a criminal investigation of any substance or value, he’s admitting it’s been a pointless waste of time. Schiff has been forced to recognize that this has been the witch hunt the President described it as.

Schiff bumbles out – It would be negligent for us not to investigate – the Treasonous Crimes of Clinton and Obama?

He also inadvertently calls for and offers a sound basis for the investigation into Hillary Clinton to be reopened in his next statement. Mr. Balloonhead said, “It would be negligent for us not to investigate. And the principle reason is, Martha, that if a foreign government, in this case Russia, has something that they can hang over the head of our President or our administration that can influence US policy, it is very much in our national security interest to know it.” Not only was the last administration likely compromised by Clinton the Obama regime’s reckless, criminal handling of our national secrets, future administrations are also in jeopardy as a result.

We need to know what the involvement of Clinton, Obama and Kerry were with Russia, Iran, China and Middle Eastern nations and terrorist organizations in order to ascertain the damage and potential for blackmail and harm, as well as the unknown damage that has already been done to our intelligence gathering. Blackmail is not limited to those at the top. Those providing data or analyzing it can be compromised as well.

It’s time to end the wasteful, destructive practice of accommodating the ridiculous, self-destructive demands of the criminal Democrats. Close the phony political exercise of the Russia investigation and reopen the Clinton case as the Clinton, Obama Kerry Investigation. It must be done immediately, as our national security has most certainly been seriously compromised.

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