SCARED RYAN Preaches FAUX UNITY To House He Leads In SABOTAGE, Attacking President

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s speech writer prepared some moderately pretty words for him to say following the attack on the Congressional Republican baseball team practice. To enhance their impact, Ryan even delivered them at times in a weak voice, whether genuine or theatrical, one that was quite evident. It’s too bad he couldn’t find Chuck Schumer, to borrow his hankie.

The do-nothing Congress is scared on this day, the provocateurs in the Democrat Party who have been inciting violence finally got their way. They convinced a deranged civilian to do their dirty work for them and to target Republicans for death, unarmed, defenseless and practicing baseball. That is the result of what they have been fueling ever since Obama’s first Molotov cocktail was thrown back in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014. Since then everything that’s wrong in America became the fault of Republicans and later, Donald Trump. What happened today was inevitable and it’s surely going to happen again.

Violence has been encouraged, promoted and financed by the Democrats, led by Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, with money provided by the evil one, George Soros. The Black Lives Matter thugs, war on cops, AntiFa goons and the Bob Creamer thugs who targeted Trump supporters under the direction of Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are all responsible for this shooting.

Instead of identifying the Democrat and RINO culprits, Ryan gave a stupid unity speech

Yet the establishment tool Paul Ryan won’t address that reality. He’s just glad nobody has followed him to Home Depot or the KFC. Instead of identifying the cause and the Democrat and establishment culprits, he gives a stupid but politically safe unity speech. Ryan focuses on the heroes and the injured, in part because they deserve recognition and in part as a way to fill the air without having to talk about the real why and who is behind it.

In what must have surely brought out a bugged-out eye-roll from Rep Adam Schiff, establishment tool Ryan proclaimed, “We are united.” They’ve long been united in their corruption and betrayal of the American people. Now they’re likely united in a fear of their constituents as well. They have many reasons to be angry. As if to add an exclamation point to what is wrong with our sold out government, a lobbyist was among those injured at the ballpark that morning. How much of an insider has that and how many other lobbyists become that he was involved in a Congressional baseball game practice?

In a phony staccato delivery intended to illicit a dramatic, united response, Ryan declares “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” It’s too bad his claims of unity don’t extend to the President that this collection of scumbags on both sides of the aisle attack and allow to be attacked as if that were the primary function of their positions. Nobody is defending the shooting but they, particularly the Democrats and the establishment RINOs like Ryan, McCain and McConnell have created the environment and allowed the treacherous Democrats to target the President without restraint.

Ryan is simply a coward who is afraid, with justification, that he might be next.

Ryan is simply a coward who is, with justification, afraid that he might be targeted next. That, if it wasn’t purely theatrics, is likely the reason his voice was weak as he was speaking.  He attempts to sell his united by corruption and fear message by including a reference to a photo he saw of “our Democrat colleagues gathered in prayer this morning after hearing the news.” If there weren’t any Allahu Akbars being spoken or shouted by those members, they were likely thanking the earth goddess for her providence, that no Democrats were harmed.

Ryan elevates the people who are intent on the destruction of this President and this nation, Ryan, the people he is in cahoots with. He can hold them up as models of exemplary behavior if he chooses, he’s no better than they are. They’re scum, they’re evil, they are targeting our president, and Ryan and his RINOs are helping them. They have good cause for concern. There’s a lot of angry people out there in America and many of them know exactly what these DC traitors are doing.

Instead of standing with the enemy Democrats, Ryan should be standing with the President. Instead of exalting those with a history of targeting Christians and killing children, he should be hailing the President who opposes those things. Instead of only recognizing the two Capitol Police officers for their efforts to protect his elite group, he should be cooperating with the president who  is trying to protect all of us, and efforts the anti-American Democrats are obstructing and confounding.

Your pretty words weren’t that pretty Ryan. In fact, coming from your septic hole, they’re downright offensive.

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4 Comments on SCARED RYAN Preaches FAUX UNITY To House He Leads In SABOTAGE, Attacking President

  1. You are right. He is an absolute scum ball! Not worthy of the position he occupies.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // June 15, 2017 at 7:54 am // Reply

    Boy isn’t that the truth, and you know full well, the left was hip-hip hooraying and the vitriol spewed by the media and the Dems is now coming home to roost…there are many more James Hodgkinson’s out there, and they want to make a name for themselves by killing anyone on the right. All this is promoted and happening because of the left’s hatred of our rightfully elected President.

  3. Excellent analysis of who and what this weasel Ryan is.

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