Scarborough Urges Rebellion Against President Trump By Cabinet Members

Joe Scarborough doesn’t like the suspicious death of an intern in his office being resurrected so he’s lashing out at Trump, calling for insurrection by his cabinet members, a revolt

scarborough incites rebellion cabinet mika

It’s obvious that President Trump got under Joe Scarborough’s skin by reminding the American people that there really was never an investigation conducted into the death of his former intern, Lori Klausutis, in his office when he was a Florida Congressman.

The determination made at the time was that she had heart problems which resulted in her passing out and hitting her head on her desk. Was she pushed by Scarborough? Did she recoil when he attempted to grope her? Maybe, he’s certainly a pissy little hothead, anything is possible.

In response to President Trump’s remarks, Joe and his CFR fiancé, accompanied on their panel by CFR president Richard Haas, went into a tirade about how President Trump is supposedly unfit for office and calling for his cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him.

The sanctimonious libtards join forces in their attack, with Scarborough saying, that President Trump’s supposed mental unfitness is what the 25th Amendment was drafted for, clearly in a rehearsed presentation.

The pair of globalist turncoats lecture President Trump’s cabinet members, telling them that they serve America, with Scarborough saying, ” You serve America and you know it. You know you don’t serve Donald J. Trump, scam developer, scam, you know, Trump University proprietor, reality TV show host [‘racist’ inserted by CFR Mika].”

He continues, “You don’t represent him. You represent 320 million people whose lives are literally in your hands. And we are facing a showdown with a nuclear power and you have somebody inside the White House that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit.”

We are all aware of the fine staff of medical professionals maintained by all New York Newspapers, Joe, so we trust that the New York Daily News conducted an accurate remote diagnosis, probably at least equal in its thoroughness to the coroner’s investigation in Florida. He laughably says that unnamed people close to the campaign and inside the White House have told him President Trump has early stages of dementia.

President Trump is constantly working when he’s not sleeping for a few hours a night and this hack has the gall to say he’s got dementia? Maybe Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi should take another look at the evidence that was swept under the carpet of Scarborough’s old office, given the rabid nature of his response.

The political hacks ask, “When are we supposed to say this, after the first nuclear missile goes?” The answer is you’re not supposed to say it at all, you CFR hack. You gave up that opportunity when you sat quietly as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Hussein Obama allowed North Korea to create their nuclear program and with it this serious problem.

There’s no easy solution now and sniveling globalist political toadies who lie to the point of faking their after Thanksgiving TV show aren’t the place to be looking for them. The unbalance and ranting Scarborough asserts that everybody around the President knows he’s not stable but they’re all too afraid of him to speak up. Right, Scarborough, Trump has surrounded himself with top generals and major corporate CEO’s and they’re all cowards who are afraid to speak up.

Let’s be on the lookout, America. Scarborough named his fellow globalist Rex Tillerson as one of those who needs to join him in subversion against the President, as well as Defense Secretary Mattis, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Vice President Pence. Aside from Tillerson, all have behaved in a mostly loyal manner since taking office.

He says Pence is the preference of Congress, because he’s stable. It might be because he’s less committed to the America-first agenda or is really one of the good old boys. Stability is a fabricated non-issue, a vehicle just as the supposed Russia collusion was the vehicle for Mueller’s witch hunt. It’s a smokescreen. We have to look beyond the smoke to see what’s causing it, what the burning reason is behind the rant.

Scarborough doesn’t like being exposed and the globalists don’t like having their power dismantled. With Mueller failing to railroad our President they’re trying another angle to dispose of him and take back their power. The crooked CFR couple are messengers.

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3 Comments on Scarborough Urges Rebellion Against President Trump By Cabinet Members

  1. James Higginbotham // December 1, 2017 at 10:01 am // Reply

    the President and Sarah Huckabee really know how to get those SNOWFLAKE LIBTARDS FOAMING AT THE MOUTH AND WANTING TO BITE THEIR ARMS OFF.

  2. Hadenoughalready // December 1, 2017 at 7:17 am // Reply

    Mr. Scarabbeatle should be careful; he may just find him answering a knock on his front door. And it won’t be UPS.

  3. I hope Trump doesn’t think the GOP wing of the uni-party is not fully on board with this. I’m also sure that the snake, globalist Pence is chomping at the bit to get in the Oval office.

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