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An illegal alien border-crasher called into the Savage Nation gloating over the fact that they’re here and taking the position that there’s nothing we can do about it.

His name is Scotty, not the most Latino of names, and one which we’d be safe to assume is not really his. It most likely belongs to the guy whose identity he’s stolen. 

After a feeble attempt at humor, “Scotty” states his position, saying, “I’m a Mexican and it’s a shame that you can’t find anything to be positive or be happy about. It’s every day you just complain and whine and complain and whine.”

Savage asks, “But Scotty, let me ask you something. How do your fair, fair friends in Mexico treat illegal aliens from Guatemala?” “Hey let me tell you something,” says Scotty. Savage cuts him off, “No, let me tell you something, Senor.

“How do your friends in Mexico treat illegal aliens who try to break into their country? Savage asks, “Do they give them food stamps, unemployment, welfare, illegal care, medical care? Is that how your friends treat them in Mexico, Scotty?”

Scotty asks if he can answer the question and permission is not granted. Savage says, “You don’t have an answer to the question because you lost the chess match before you even began. The fact of the matter is Mexico treats their illegal aliens the way we should treat them.”

He lets the illegal speak again, which results in more of the tough guy talk. Scotty says, “We are here and you can’t do anything about it but complain, so keep complaining.” Savage asks, “What do you mean there’s nothing we can do about it? You guys just tried to hijack the government but you didn’t win did you?”

He reiterates, “You just tried to hijack the US government but it didn’t work, did it? The people rose up against you and the sell out phonies in the government. You didn’t get your way, did you Scotty?” Scotty attempts to repeat the “we are here” mantra again, to which Savage replies, “Well, you are here now, but not for long. You’re not here forever. You’re here for now, you’re a guest in our house.”

“But if you continue to break the law you’re not going to be here for long.” Every day they’re here they’re continuing to break the law. His nuisance factor has eclipsed his entertainment value so Savage cuts him loose.

Savage adds, “The fact of the matter is the American people can’t stand the illegal aliens in this country. You  have a bad attitude. You are anti-American. You wave the Mexican flag at sporting events and you want us to love you? You won’t learn the English language and you want us to love you? You abuse our hospitals and run them into a third world level and you want us to love you? The schools have to bend over backwards to teach your children in a foreign language because you’re not smart enough to teach them English and you want us to love you? Forget about it.”

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  1. This is why I like Savage. He doesn’t take their b.s. and nails them every time they open their illegal mouths.

  2. give them HELL MIKE LOL.

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