Savage No Longer Sees Little White Kids As Future Slaves In America

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Michael Savage notes that now that the election has been won, he no longer has the fear he lived with on a daily basis, “that the NSA is spying on me or that the FBI is going to throw a black bag over my head and take me away one night.”

He asks his listeners, “Do you know that I actually lived in that fear under the regime of Obama? And they’re not gone yet, these fascists who are disguised as ‘good liberal progressives,’ are still in power. And they still frighten me, by the way, every last one of them belong in the ex-Soviet Union. And they’re not going anywhere, that’s my fear.”

Savage says, “I remember when Trump won that night, the next day I woke up, I looked at the sky, the sky looked as though it had opened up. The sky looked clear, it looked, a friend of mine said, ‘It’s as though a portal to another world had opened up for all of us.’ We were no longer living in this closed world that this monster in the White House had created in this free nation.”

“This interloper, this phony, this monster, what he had done to this nation,” says Savage. “He had created the greatest spy apparatus the world had ever seen and he gets away with it with that sick smile of his. Hiding behind his ‘wife and children,’ the ‘nice guy Obama,’ and the rats in the media like Wolf Blitzer say nothing. You don’t know the rage I have for them. You don’t know what I would do if I had the power.”

Savage says, “That’s why I made a decision many years ago because I have such rage against the machine, that I would stay where I am, even if I had the opportunity to inveigle my way into a government, I would not want that power because I would probably use it like a hammer on an anvil to get even with these people and what they’ve done to this fine country. That’s how I feel about it.”

“So I’m glad I have no power,” says Savage. “I’m glad I’m only a voice on the outside looking in. I’m one of the outraged Eddies out there, let me tell you. I’m not that happy today but I feel differently about the country. I don’t walk around fearing that it’s all coming to an end.”

He says, “I don’t walk around looking at little white children, to be honest with you, seeing future slaves anymore. Did you know that? Did you know that that’s what I used to see. I’d walk around and look at little white children and I’d shake my head and I’d say, ‘If this doesn’t stop, these children will be slaves in their own nation.

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3 Comments on Savage No Longer Sees Little White Kids As Future Slaves In America

  1. Stan, I agree. The day after the election, Obama spoke like he’s not going anywhere. And Fox news reported that he will remain in Washington as the leader of the Democratic Party. 3 years voes fast to find another candidate and push his Agenda. And the other day, I heard a Fox news headline asking who will be the new leader of the Democratic Party? I didn’t bother to hang around after the commercial break to hear it. Nothing but trouble.

  2. …And how long are we going to continue to be able to hear the likes of Michael Savage tell it like it is, to Power??? We’re not out of the woods yet. TPTB are not going to slip quietly back into the darkness that they came from. They have worked too long and too hard for this day – this moment in time.

    En garde, Citizen. Our work has just begun.

  3. I understand.

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