Savage – Mumps Resurgence, Terrorism, Bigotry, Death – Thank The Stupid Left

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Michael Savage starts his look at the impact of Obama’s open borders on America by noting that mumps has made a comeback, with 300 cases around Spokane and Seattle. He says, “Mumps has gone through a resurgence in America as a result of the borders being broken down. The politicized CDC was forced to report that mumps cases were confirmed in 46 states and the DC last year, totaling 5,311 infections.”

Savage continues, “Eight states reported more than 100 cases in 2016, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.” He asks, “Can any one of you progs try to use your brain, engage it for two seconds and tell me if you actually believe that mumps did not resurge in America as a result of ‘immigrants’ coming in with this infection?”

“Because I’ll tell you,  you’re wrong,” Savage says, “I’ll tell you point blank that Obama should be tried for crimes against America, for what he has done to this country. Flooding us not only with terrorists, go back and look at all the events going all the way back during his 8 years, his reign of terror. Don’t tell me there were no attacks by Muslims during his eight years. There were plenty. You probably forgot them all because of the brain washing.”

After noting that DHS didn’t do their job, due in large part to the Obamaite infestation, Michael Savage asks, “How could the gay people of America, in particular, not understand the danger they are in from unfettered immigration from Muslim nations?’ He asks, “Are you people that stupid? Do you have any idea how you’re looked upon amongst traditional, fanatical, throwback Islamists? Do you know what they think of you? Why do you march with them? What’s wrong with you?”

Savage gets a grip on himself, asking, what’s the point of my screaming, I could scream from a rooftop, you’re not going to hear me. Your mind is made up.” He notes that mumps was virtually wiped out and how it can sometimes be fatal.  He doesn’t mention another major concern of the disease which is male sterility.

He notes how our once great health care system was destroyed when “this fanatical idiot took over the country.” He points out the hypocrisy of Chuck Schumer, for one, in his tears over ‘the poor Muslims,’ a man who said nothing as people were being raped on an industrial level” and when Christian girls as well as Muslims were having their heads chopped off.

Savage asks, “Where is that liar, Hillary Clinton, the representative of all women on the earth, where was she when little girls were crying because they were being raped 24 hours a day by those vermin in ISIS who should be wiped off the planet?”

Instead Schumer and Clinton attack President Trump for taking action against terrorism. Every passing day serves to illustrate how badly the scummy, stagnant, infested water needs to be removed from DC.

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2 Comments on Savage – Mumps Resurgence, Terrorism, Bigotry, Death – Thank The Stupid Left

  1. SouthernProud // February 2, 2017 at 11:10 am // Reply

    Why do you think they shipped the illegal children to MILITARY BASES?

  2. As a Registered Nurse, I have been screaming for years that the infectious diseases pouring into this country is a primary reason to halt immigration. Check out the statistics on new cases of TB in Vermont. Every single staff member (health care worker) and every single patient must be screened for TB. As it was eradicated over the last century, we cut down the screening from annually to on Admission (for patients) or On Hire (for employees.) Why do we bother having a CDC? They’re obviously so liberal they blindly followed Obama’s sneaky plan to seed the country with the infestation of people whose fertility rate outnumbers ours 8:1. His long-term goal was to wipe out the Christians and Jews by sheer numbers, for the Islamization of America. Hillary was too stupid to understand. She only cared about her voting base which would keep her at the center of attention. The demographics are changing here, and Europe is gone. Defund the CDC as we wish to defund the useless and parasitic Planned Parenthood. By name, they were supposed to teach preventive birth control. But that is not their focus. So, forget the CDC. Let local and State Health Dept.’s continue to keep the statistics. Their budgets were cut after WWII – an important source of public health education. Fund them, instead.

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