Savage – MILITARY Readiness Shouldn’t Include Genital MUTILATION, Mom’s Dress

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Michael Savage brings some reality to the false debate over whether female impersonators should be coddled in the military and a gun held to taxpayers’ heads to pay for the self-mutilation, as well as the whole leftist social engineering that is ongoing.

He describes it as “major and drastic sexual surgery which literally butchers you. You are incapable of doing anything physical for a very long period of time as you recover. And then you need follow-up hormone shots and you need therapy, you need someone to tell you it’s okay, that although you were made to look like a man you’re not a man.”

Savage continues, “It’s okay to put on your mother’s dress, it’s okay when you look in the mirror to see your mother, not your father. It’s okay to put on makeup and eyeliner. Don’t feel bad about it, you’re a woman inside. That’s what the military is supposed to be doing?”

Savage – Leave that to the city of San Francisco, they pay for that crap

Savage recommends, “Leave that to the city of San Francisco, they pay for that. In fact, in the prisons in California now they’re spending millions of dollars a year on this crap.” He asks, “Can you believe this, what goes on in a psychopathic liberal society?”

“Now where does this end?” Savage points out, “If I had said to you ten years ago that a state would have been providing this kind of surgery, a military would be providing this surgery, you would have said I’m crazy. So now go ahead on this arc and tell me where this goes ten years from now.”

The frustrated Savage says, “Tell me what will be going on unless we stand up and say, ‘I am a God-believing man. I’m sick of this garbage. It’s over, no more. Unless we stand up for something we’ll fall down for everything. Do you understand that? Did I make myself clear?”

“Tell me why I’m wrong,” he says, “and that a person who’s had drastic surgery like this can still serve on the front lines, and if they can’t then they shouldn’t be in the military. We are at war, in case you don’t know, with radical Islam, who has been at war with the entire world for at least 1,200 years. We don’t have time for social engineering.


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5 Comments on Savage – MILITARY Readiness Shouldn’t Include Genital MUTILATION, Mom’s Dress

  1. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for someone to have their nuts and thingy cut off and what remains shoved inside to form a crevice or a couple bagged marbles and a Oscar Meyer wiener sewn on to replace a vagina? The military has one purpose and that is to protect this country thru use of deadly force and a soldier can not perform this duty if they are laid up recovering from a sex change operation or sitting in a head doctors office getting counseling on how to cope with their new identity.

  2. Expecting our military to allow this kind of surgery is mindless. If you thought you were a woman trapped in a man’s body, you should have never joined any part of the military. Expecting the military to allow a surgery of this kind is mindless, to say the least. This is a personal decision. Not to be aired on tv saying Corporal Jack is now Corporal Susi Q. This was ok, I guess, when Hussein and his Democratic tribe was heading the show, but he is not in office anymore. We actually have a leader in the Whitehouse. The end of times definitely appears to be here. There does not seem to be an end to all of this “give me more free shit” NOW or you’ll be sorry! I get the fact that transgenders want to be the sex they relate to. If you want that change, get that change but the payment should be addressed to the one having the surgery and the bill should be sent to the one that had the surgery. Not the TAXPAYERS OF AMERICA! The past administration pulled some shady shit with our taxpayer’s dollars. Enough is enough!

  3. Savage is RIGHT DEAD ON.
    Khrushchev once said that Russia would take over our nation WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT.

  4. Deplorable Doctor // September 1, 2017 at 8:16 am // Reply

    Michael Savage is spot-on regarding Sex Changes!

  5. Savage is right. If the moral decay is allowed to continue, if it is not reversed, in 10 years there will be no civil society. The mentally deficient will be determining how we behave.

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