SAVAGE Calls Out Police, Feds for VIP Treatment Of SOROS ANTIFA TERRORISTS!

michael savage

Michael Savage leads off with a comment on drowning man, the Burning Man festival north of Reno, and the hate-filled AntiFa and other leftists attacking innocent civilians. He notes the newspapers extol drugs, sex and rock and roll like it was just discovered.

“So you have America today,” Savage says, “which is consisting of drowning man, burning man, hating man. I’ve never seen anything like it.” The video cuts to him discussing Antifa directly, asking, “Where is the DHS? Why don’t they round up all of the members of Antifa and arrest them as domestic terrorists?”

He asks, “Why is Black Lives Matter permitted to operate with hundreds of millions of dollars from the most evil man in the world funding them? Why, we ask why, we don’t know. We ask, ‘Is the government involved in keeping these leftwing groups activist and crazy?”

He wonders, “Are they secretly permitting the funding of these crazy groups, we ask? Because they could shut them down in an instant, incidentally. They could all be interned for violence, put in jails. You take these black-clad punks, let’s use Berkeley, CA, as an example. These skinny punks with shields and masks and whatever else, they’re not lovers of peace, they don’t want harmony.”

Savage says, “They’re anarchists who want to destroy America. Therefore they’re a threat to civil order. Therefore any society who knows this could stop them. They could be thrown into the hardest prisons in American and overnight they would no longer be hard men, because underneath those black costumes how many of them are really hard?

The Antifa and other thug punks aren’t being arrested – how can that be?

He doesn’t think the punks who attack old women carrying American flags would last long in prison, not even 30 days. He points out, “But they’re not being arrested and we ask how could it be, how is this possible?” He tells a story of a time during the Vietnam war when a similar situation existed, and how the plumbers union made use of some of  their pipes (not PVC) to put an end to it.

He says America has a way of straightening these things out and that this anarchist movement will be burned out, that it will first spread and that will take a while but ultimately, he seems to imply, Americans will take matters into their own hands or empower their government to do so.

“America has a way of taking care of its internal enemies,” says Savage. “It always has done and always will be doing so. They release the so-called anarchists into the streets to deceive you into thinking that there’s social justice in play  when it’s only to allow them to keep robbing you blind.”

“For example,” says Savage, “the most corrupt city in America is not New Orleans it’s San Francisco, Proof – the streets. The most broken streets in America are in San Francisco. You say, ‘well, what does that have to do with corruption?’ How many billions of dollars in highway funds have been stolen and diverted? Where’d the money go? Federal, state and local money and the streets are broken. You cannot drive over the Golden Gate bridge without breaking a wheel or a tire at some point.”

“You need an SUV to drive in this city,” he says, unless you live where Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein do, on top of the ant hill. Those streets are in great shape, “as you would expect in a royalist empire, which is San Francisco.”

He closes with the point that “there is an inherent bias against a white, heterosexual Christian man.” He says it isn’t being said enough, if at all. “All of this vitriol that you see aimed at Trump has almost nothing to do with his policies. It is a mass hysteria. It is hysteria built upon hysteria built upon more hysteria.”

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6 Comments on SAVAGE Calls Out Police, Feds for VIP Treatment Of SOROS ANTIFA TERRORISTS!

  1. it opened for me and i signed it.
    must a been an OPPS maybe?

  2. Margaret Khan // September 1, 2017 at 11:31 am // Reply

    I tried to sign White House Petition to designate Black Lives Matter as domestic terrorist group. But email confirmation would not open for me to sign it. I will keep trying

  3. I guess we’d better all find some lead pipes. My stupid house is full of PVC and copper. I do have a couple of nice pipe wrenches and a nice, sturdy crowbar though.

  4. It does seem like anyone, but these anti-Americans are being stopped. Where is the promise to stop this lawless filth and make the streets of America safe for normal people?

  5. Savage is RIGHT ON.

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