Savage – Berkeley Fascism Evidence Of Civil War, Anarchists Are Bolsheviks

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Michael Savage notes how the recent thug takeover and assault on civility at UC Berkeley was a “continuation of a Bolshevik Revolution that was begun quite a while ago in this nation and stimulated by Michelle and Barack Obama.”

Savage targets “the filthy vermin which all must be put down quickly by the police, deported by the federal government if they are here illegally, and the full extent of the law thrown at these anarchists, communists and Islamists as quickly as possible, to stop the cancer from spreading.”

“They are chanting ‘no borders no nation and ‘F’ deportation.’ The police did nothing. The weak-chinned, useless idiots who run UC Berkeley turned the other way and did nothing. The faculty at the campus probably were in the riots.”

Savage asks, “So what is it you’re going to do about this? Well, you’re going to do nothing. You’re going to sit quietly and watch these scum take over the country, is that what you’re going to do? As they burn, as they loot, as they broke windows and the police stood by and did nothing.”

As a graduate of UC Berkeley, Savage notes, “Those who call us the right-wingers and the fascists are in fact the right-wingers and the fascists. We on the outside looking in realize they are the cancer, but who is the cure?” He points out that “The Berkeley fascists are like communists in Germany, by the way, who created Hitler. And that’s the real threat here. It’s not so much that they mimic the Bolshevik Revolution, which they do” but that the rioters “more typically represent the communist street mobs that raged through Germany in the 1920s.

Savage asks, “Do I have to remind you what the counter-reaction was to the communists who were raging through the streets of Germany? Many of you are under the impression that Hitler’s Brown Shirts originated the fascism seen in Germany. What you don’t know is they were a reaction to the fascism in Germany that was raging as a result of the communists, and the anarchists and the type of vermin that you saw yesterday in Berkeley.”

He summarizes the origination of the Nazi Brown Shirts and asks, “Do you need to hear the rest of that history is to understand the danger we are in? Do you understand that we are in a civil war? Do you understand who started the civil war? Do you understand Michelle Obama egged them on? Do you understand that Nancy Pelosi egged them on?

He explains that we have anarchy, sporadically now and in the leftist hot spots, that the Democrats are responsible and that it is only going to get worse.

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4 Comments on Savage – Berkeley Fascism Evidence Of Civil War, Anarchists Are Bolsheviks

  1. Cracking down on these idiots is long, long overdue. We should’ve put them in their place long ago and deported permanently those that are here illegally in our schools and universities. The teaching staff that is seditious should have their certification(s) pulled and charged with sedition and sent to prison accordingly. This has gotten too far out of hand.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 5, 2017 at 12:35 pm // Reply

    It is time to get tough and begin Enforcing Law & Order!

  3. and being continued by obamas – WHEN WILL WE SAY “ENOUGH” ?????????????

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