Santelli Exposes Hypocrisy Of Mitchell, Whole Panel Miserable Election Night

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The selective outrage of the fake news fake journalists at NBC would be laughable if it weren’t being constructed for such nefarious purposes as to challenge the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s victory in November. Having successfully injected the “Russia hack hoax” into the belief system of the easily led American people, the propagandists at NBC are moving on to the next stage, inserting disrespect for Mr. Trump and political agitation, and rewriting history. It’s all proceeding according to plan.

Ultimately the phoniness and subterfuge is more than CNBC’s Rick Santelli can stomach. He’s the lone honest voice in the room, who challenges the gaggle of self-validating liberals seated around the table. Todd and the group defer to Andrea Mitchell, as they always do, providing her with the stature of an objective news person when she’s a globalist CFR member, married to the former head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. Her connections and affiliations couldn’t be more anti-American and pro-global government. Neither could her narratives, which are statements of positions and promotions of agenda items and talking points. They are nothing resembling the honest reporting of events.

Mitchell wants Trump to differentiate between this supposed attack by Russia, and others that we know were confirmed by other nations. She wants it because it will have the impact of discrediting him to a degree, a sentiment that is later echoed by her fellow globalist on the panel, David Brooks.

She says the conclusion that there was an attempt to influence the election, which she claims was the focus of the intelligence investigation in its latest evolution, is sufficient for Trump to join in with the Democrats and fake news reporters to call for Putin’s head.

She’s throwing the fake news moniker where it doesn’t belong, onto RT, which despite being state owned by Russia, is much more real and accurate in their stories than the fabrication specialists of NBC and MSNBC, such as Ms Mitchell.

Drama queen Mitchell says it was a devastating attack and attempt, and then turns around and says “whether or not they succeeded is not the issue.” How can it be devastating if the propagandists still all agree that it had no effect. Doesn’t devastating, by definition, require a degree of devastation?

Ego maniac and establishment minion David Brooks goes after Trump’s ego, which he compares to Jupiter coming through the solar system and everything being forced to revolve around it. Only Jupiter’s moons revolve around it, Brooks. The earth is still orbiting the sun, and your cute comment is inane. Brooks claims this is all about Trump not being able to admit he had help winning the election, which isn’t true. He acknowledges others often, such as Indiana Coach Bobby Knight. He doesn’t give credit where it isn’t due, not even when an globalist like Brooks demands it.

Brooks tries to create an “international tea party movement” label to apply to nationalists who want to put America first and is once again choosing Steve Bannon as the method of dispersal of his completely false message. There’s a reason why Brooks works at the New York Times, Washington Times. Newsweek and NPR and why he graduated from the University of Chicago. He’s a flaming liberal weakly disguised as an occasional conservative. He’s right at home with the rest of the Trump-haters, describing the President-elect as “a guy who sees a lot of shiny objects.”

It’s Santelli’s turn next, and he unloads with some inconvenient facts that have the libtards fuming and accusing him of being the liar. He really got them heated up when he remarked how upset all of them were on election night when they learned their candidate had lost. Mitchell even has the nerve to profess “That’s not true.”

Can she actually be that blind and delusional? No, she knows quite well she was doing everything she could to help Clinton win. It just so happened that corruption ran into the buzz-saw of the American majority and libtard corruption lost.  

Santelli does an admirable job of holding his own without letting them get to him. It must have been an extremely frustrating experience; trying to reason with libtards always is. Let’s hope Angrea Mitchell’s had all of her shots.

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