SANDERS Turns Question Bashing Trump to SHAMING CONGRESS to Do Their Jobs

huckabee sanders

There’s no doubt who’s in control of the briefing room as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls on one of the liberal propagandist who surround her on a daily basis. He dutifully, in keeping with his mission and programming,asks her a question related to the “evils” of President Trump.

The attack question is delivered, “The President today took to Twitter to criticize Senator Bob Corker and in just the past month he’s criticized another of Republican [RINO] Senators. He’s criticized Leader McConnell on Twitter, Senator John McCain, Senator Flake, Senator Graham of South Carolina, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.”

He continues, “What is the end game for the President? What does that do for him in terms of trying to move his legislative agenda forward when he criticizes these important people given the majorities [sic] are so slim in the Senate that are necessary to move his legislative agenda forward?”

Huckabee Sanders doesn’t sugar coat the truth in her response, saying, “I think it’s clear that the end game is for Congress to do its job and actually pass legislation.  I think the American people are very frustrated with Congress’ lack of action and for years they’ve been all talk and no action. We’re looking for them to step up at this point.”

Every one of those Republican Senators he mentioned are more in line with the Democrat Party and the DC establishment than they are with President Trump and his agenda of returning the power over their government to the American people.

They deserve every bit of the criticism leveled against them and then some. She’s right that they American people are frustrated. They’re paying attention more than they used to, aware of the longest running scam in history, the facade of a government by the people in the United States of America. That scam is being exposed and the perpetrators brought down. Criticism for their misdeeds by the President should be the least of their concerns.

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