Sanders Says FBI Probe Of Wife Is Political – Like A Democrat Russia Witch Hunt

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Communist Bernie Sanders has a bad case of selective outrage in his criticism of a Trump campaign official in Vermont as attacking his wife for a land deal, apparently using the FBI as a tool. That’s Hussein Obama and James Comey’s specialty, and they’re Democrats. It’s standard operating procedure for them, as is rioting, beating up opponents, throwing eggs, blocking traffic, destroying property and intimidation.

They assaulted and battered Trump supporters and their families on a daily basis. They attacked every member of the Trump family to the point that Eric Trump had to give up his position with a charity benefitting St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Ivanka Trump had her clothing line pulled from retailers. Melania had designers refusing to create gowns for her, and much more, all of it happening to innocent people because their political views are opposed to the Democrats.

Sanders does what he and other leftists do when they are confronted with facts that they can’t refute, they declare them to be false and refuse to talk about them beyond issuing their statement. It’s the the Lois Lerner method of defense, He denies even the time frame and won’t allow the host, Erin Burnett, to complete her question as he affirms his wife as being “about the most honest person I know.”  He’s a commie who travels in those and Democrat circles; that’s not much of a defense. He probably doesn’t know many honest people.

Sanders diverts from the question saying, “When she came to that college it was failing academically and financially, when she left it it was in better shape than it had ever been. It’s an odd statement considering it was subsequently forced to close its doors due to insolvency. He shifts the blame to his being a candidate for president claiming the investigation was launched by Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign manager as a way to get to him.

In April of this year VTDigger reported, “The chair of the Burlington College board of trustees said Thursday that the FBI investigation has been going for more than a year, and at least one former school employee was subpoenaed as part of the probe.” The Vermont Trump campaign manager, Brady Toensing, in an email to Politico Magazine and reported in a June 22, 2017 article, said, “The investigation was started more than a year ago under ‘president’ Obama, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and his United States Attorney, all of whom are Democrats.” Since Toensing is a private attorney, and not an FBI Agent or prosecutor, he doesn’t have the ability to launch investigations. He’s also a Republican, who is not affiliated with the Obama regime.

But just as with Hillary Clinton and the rest of the guilty Dems and commies, they’re always the victim. That’s the card that Sanders is playing now – his wife, and to a degree himself, are victims of the vast right-wing conspiracy that is “pathetically” targeting his wife as a means of getting to him, almost a year after he lost the nomination and became largely irrelevant.

He says it’s “a sad state of affairs in American, “not only when we have politicians being destroyed, when there are attacks against elected officials, but you’re going after your wife, people’s wives, that is pretty pathetic, and that’s where we are right now.” So does that mean Sanders finds the witch hunt and it’s attacks against President Trump, one of those politicians being destroyed, to be pathetic? Surely not, just commie wives who lied in order to get a loan approved are true victims.

He didn’t do much to ingratiate the FBI agents who are investigating his wife’s alleged wrongdoing and his own obstructive meddling. Calling them pathetic political tools was probably not the smartest line of defense to pursue.

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4 Comments on Sanders Says FBI Probe Of Wife Is Political – Like A Democrat Russia Witch Hunt

  1. Hey, Bernardo… It IS pathetic when wives are attacked or other family members! How do you like it now? You and Hillary BOTH attacked Trump and his family. You both fueled the fire to impeach Trump and slander his family with your lies. There was nothing factual about the people who you did this to, you just did it because you wanted the presidency but your side-kick , Hillary, weeded you out by her illegal ways! You are a pathetic, whiny schmuck, you democratic Socialist! Hey, guess what? The Nazi party was Democratic Socialists, too! A vote for you was a vote from a Nazi loving creep! Cry me a river! You are experiencing karma, Bernardo! Besides all of that, they don’t start investigations on people without facts to back them up, do they? Oh, wait… they do don’t they! You and your cronies went after Trump but there was no collusion, was there?

  2. Hadenoughalready // June 28, 2017 at 11:50 am // Reply

    Normally I’d search for a donation in my rat’s ass collection but I’m totally depleted.

    How does it feel, Mr. Sanders? I bet it sucks, huh? Please let me know where your wife gets relocated to after the fraud trial. I’ll try to send her instructions on where to find “sympathy” in the prison library.

  3. The FBI has been corrupted by the two back to back directors of ill repute. They have of course slid in regional managers who do not protect America. We need for them to focus on the real crimes by the news media management; as in the CNN admitted fraud. Oh no, an apology does the job, and not jail time from the criminals in the news media and Congress. Congress made its self-rules to prevent prosecution, and the news media hides behind the free press scam. For Trump to move on he needs somebody as in Trey Gowdy who would prosecute those who have survived giving apologies and raping America.

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